Guanajuato Inland Port (GIP) is a comprehensive industrial platform seeking to potentiate the logistics infrastructure 4.0 increasing thus competitiveness and guaranteeing the sustainable development of the region, therefore, it encourages the launching of new investments and projects.


Regarding this, Luis Quiroz, GIP director announced that the construction of the first speculative industrial buildings of the Aerospace and Logistic SkyPlus Park started on September, which are anticipated to be ready in eight or nine months.


“The objective is that any company in possibilities of taking an immediate decision has the construction of industrial buildings already advanced.  The type industrial buildings take between 8 and 9 months to be finished,” he explained.


There are companies that already confirmed their interest in being settled in this park, some mainly focused in the manufacturing, logistics and of services sector.  The Aerospace and Logistic SkyPlus Park will have 34 lots of property land of industrial use and offices building, hydraulic concrete tracks, industrial area, aeronautic operations, green areas, commercial area and of services.



Before the demand of aerial cargo transportation services in the region, Luis Quiroz said that a collaboration plan will be analyzed with the Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (GAP.)


The project consists in building a merchandise reception area (In-Bond Facility,) which can communicate the Bajio International Airport (AIB, by its Spanish initials) with the Aerospace SkyPlus Park and, thus, facilitate the pass through of goods.


“It is about installing platforms or warehouses in order for goods getting out of planes are taken there, settled, make the inspection process with customs and then clear the merchandise,” he detailed.


The GIP said that this will potentiate the aerial cargo: “This is something that we want to support; for e-commerce aerial cargo is fundamental.”



The director of GIP announced that they are developing a new industrial area named Santa Fe VI.  It is a property land of 80 hectares in the vicinity of the current industrial complex.


Quiroz referred that the Santa Fe VI Industrial Park will be commercialized in blocks.  “Santa Fe VI is a subject we are discussing; almost half of the property is for a potential expansion of Pirelli.  Our slogan is to consolidate and attract companies because they will remain here while they are comfortable and well served,” he said.


Finally, he explained that among companies with expansion plans are Nivea, Nestle, Pirelli and VW.