With an extension of 6,500 m2 and a construction area of 4,200 m2, Metzerplas installed forefront technology



The Israeli company Metzerplas settled in Leon, Guanajuato, with an investment of 5 million dollars and the generation of 25 new jobs.


In an extension of 6,500 m2 and a construction area of 4,200 m2, the company installed forefront technology to provide solutions in drip irrigation technologies solutions.


Regarding this, Ronen Avrutzky, commercial director of Metzerplaz Mexico, mentioned that 6 production lines will be added in a period of 3 years, as they are planning to expand its facilities and thus, open more job positions.


The company’s current production capacity is of 20 thousand dripping hose rolls per year, in all varieties offered by the company.


Currently, the company will seek to cover the national market, as it is part of the alliance fulfilled with the state of Guanajuato and the municipality of Leon.


“We will be focused to the foreign market when we consolidate our 6 production lines, without doubt it will be to the United States, Central America and South America.”


Regarding the settling of the company in Leon, he said that an analysis and numbers were made aimed to demonstrate the growth of the region and in which municipality more actions are made regarding agriculture production.  He highlighted that it is necessary to adopt new technologies in the sector of dripping irrigation, as in this area the connectivity topic among municipalities is very good and this must also be happening with professionalization and technification (modernization) of the agri-food sector of Guanajuato.


He noted that currently the agri-food and agro-industrial sectors in the State are very interested and has acquired cutting-edge dripping irrigation technology, as he exemplified that consumptions of 35 to 50 lines approximately are registered.


Although different dripping irrigation systems exist in the market; Metzerplas also sales its technology worldwide, as they have among 60 to 80 active production lines.


Founded in 1970, Metzerplas contributes to the agriculture technology world in the management of hydric resources; its irrigation products help farmers to provide products facing restrictions such as: limited hydric resources, soil high values, difficult topography and increase of global competence.


In that sense, they have the largest range of cylindrical emissions, levels, self-compensating, regular, anti-siphon and anti-draining; facilitating farmers to produce more food with less resources.


Globally Metzerplas is dedicated to different production branches in irrigation systems and lateral drip irrigation, self-compensating and non-compensated drippers, high-speed production lines for cylindrical and flat drippers, polyethylene pipes for infrastructures, for conduction of cables and optical fibers over long distances, as well as for water, gas and effluent pipes and multilayer pipes SP (SuperPipe,) sophisticated combination of polyethylene and anti-corrosive aluminum, designed for hot and cold water, at high temperatures and elevated pressures.


From Leon, the new production plant will be the platform through which Mexican farmers will be supplied with the most advanced in dripping irrigation, with short term availability and under the best cost-benefit relation.


Among its main clients standout: Tractores del Norte, Agricola Gala and Gruindag Food Solutions.


The corporate is present in Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Ukraine, Russia and China.  At the same time, collaboration frameworks and of technology transfer have been developed in Spain, South Africa, Chile, Brazil, India and the United States.


Guillermo Romero Pacheco, secretary of Sustainable Economic Development (SDES, by Jonathan Peled, ambassador for Israel in Mexico; Samuel Supack, CEO at Metzerplas Internacional, Israel Cohen, president of the board of directors at Metzerplas Mexico; Manuel Monarrez, adjoining general director of FIRA; Hugo Brana, secretary of the Board of Directors of Metzerplas Mexico; Aldelmo Reyes, director of training and employment of Leon Guanajuato; Pabrlo Brana, Metzerplas advisor; Jorge Alvarez, operations director at Metzerplas Mexico; Victor Hubo Pinera, state delegate from SAGARPA; Roberto Castaneda, undersecretary of Riego in Guanajuato.