Connected manufacture responds to quicker and flexible production processes, aiming to achieve more efficiency


Grupo Bosch is building a Smart Factory for electronic components in Apaseo El Grande, Guanajuato, as part of the consolidation of its manufacturing center in Mexico.  Is world leader in technology and services worldwide and based on its strengthening project of local presence in North America, installed its second plant of the Automotive Electronics division in the center of Mexico, the first one is located in Ciudad Juarez.


The plant installed in Apaseo el Grande will have the profile of Industry 4.0; it will implement high technology equipment and will focus on manufacturing key components for connected mobility.


Frederick Dreier, leader of projects at Apaseo plant, detailed that the project has a surface of 230 thousand square meters, on this land a plant will be built with infrastructure 4.0; will have a Central Logistics Center, which will be the first of Bosch in Mexico which includes the manufacturing of components from the automotive industry.  The investment will be of 120 million dollars in the first phase.  The second phase will be started on 2024.


“This plant will be the sister plant of the one we have in Ciudad Juarez, as part of our expansion and consolidation project, since in Cd. Juarez we have about 4 thousand employees and we have reached its capability limit,” he said.


As part of the development plan of the plant, they started with the construction of a first stage in October over 24 thousand square meters for the infrastructure of a production line and the area of services, later there will be 11 thousand square meters for the Logistics Center.


As in the Ciudad Juarez plant, in Apaseo El Grande will be produced units of electric controls, which are used for autonomous driving of cars.  The startup of the production will be projected for January 2020.


“We consider Bosch as one of the companies encouraging the 4th industrial revolution; in this plant we have the ideal conditions to build a Smart Factory with smart manufacturing,” he ended.




The objective of the Bosch plant in Apaseo El Grande is to create more than 1,200 jobs; it currently has 16,000 workers on its four business sectors in Mexico.


According to Ulrich Schricke, member of the directive council from the Automotive Electronics Division of Bosch, the processes to be implemented in the plant Apaseo will be digitalized and connected to the network.


“This combined with the excellent Mexican workforce, in addition of the latest generation equipment, we will be committed with employees providing them with training that they will continuously require, through the Center of Education and German Dual Formation in collaboration with authorities of the state of Guanajuato,” he said.


The company will be using a Manufacturing Execution System (MES,) which automatically will collect data and will share the production information on real time.  The system will allow providing preventive maintenance to the operation lines and will assure the high level in products’ quality.


“”We not only want to follow the current market trends, but shape the new production systems, where technological trends are the ones being used, we will have equipment with production capability in items for the future, as for example: for autonomous parking lot and autonomous driving; we know we can produce the required high level amounts,” he noted.



The Electronic Control Units (ECU,) are fundamental for last generation connected mobility for the North American market, those will be manufactured inside the Apaseo plant.


Rene Schlegel, president of Bosch Mexico, informed that regarding the construction of a Logistics Center that it will work as warehouse in Apaseo and the region.

“We are not only promoting connected Industry, and it is worth noted that it not only connects what is happening inside the Factory, but everything arriving from suppliers in Mexico and the world, this is the use of data, what is the most important of industry 4.0, it is not only a cable, it is a sign with a series of data that go to the customer from our supplier, the special thing is that we do not only use this technology, but we also produce it,” he explained.



In interview for Mexico Industry, Marco Ramon, general director of Amistad Industrial Developers, said that Bosch is one of the most recognized companies worldwide and that has its plants located in strategic areas of Mexico.


He explained that the Amistad Chuy Maria Industrial Park measures 250 hectares and offers Bosch several competitive advantages such as strategic location, logistics, first level services and workforce availability.


The park is located in Apaseo El Grande, near where Toyota assembler is being built; some minutes from Celaya, where Honda is located; and of the Federal Highway 45D which connects with Queretaro and Mexico City.


“Being located in Apaseo El Grande provides several advantages to Bosch, as supplying all its nearby customers,” said the directive.


He explained that the Amistad Industrial Developer takes care of services and that all that, combined with workforce availability in the area, the logistics and proximity with its customers were part of the decision making of Bosch.


“They are seeking that wherever their investment is located it generates a future capital gain and we are offering that to our customers,” he noted.


They will be starting with an industrial building of approximately 25,000 meters, but that the property land gives them to do more than 100,000 roofed meters, since the property land they acquired is of 22 hectares: “It will provide them with lots of flexibility to become a very important manufacturing center for them.”




In Mexico Bosch has its own machinery Factory, with more than 250 engineers that design and produce new technology, in addition of the Center for Software Development and Services in Guadalajara since 2014.


In addition there is a factory in Queretaro for the production of Vehicles Driving Systems since 2015.


Rene Schlegel, recognized that the Apaseo plant represents an important symbolic act for the company, aimed to settle a before and after technologically speaking, as he said that this work fulfills three strengths:

1. - Will employ, produce and sell its products. 

2. - Processes where zero accidents will be guaranteed.

3. - Delivery on Time.


Among the main customers of Bosch are Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen.