From this platform they will be serving the entire American continent


Bonatti, an Italian company specialized in construction and infrastructure matters for the hydrocarbons and gas sectors, installed its logistic and operative hub at the San Miguel de Allende Business Polygon, Guanajuato, from which they will serve the entire American Continent.


With an investment of 4 million dollars, a surface of 7 hectares and the generation of 80 direct jobs, this firm celebrated the opening of its facilities in San Miguel de Allende.


This place was chosen due to the strategic location it has regarding the industrial corridor and the Los Ramones gas pipeline project, which is developed in different states of the country, including Guanajuato.


This new facility will provide logistic and operational support for the projects that Bonatti currently has in Mexico.


Meanwhile, for future projects, this operative hub will allow Bonatti offering more competitiveness, agility and flexibility, capitalizing the strategic position of Guanajuato.


Donato Santomauro, director of Bonatti Mexico said that in the Bajio area they have one of the largest projects, as the gas pipeline section Tula, Hidalgo – Villa de Reyes, San Luis Potosi will be fulfilled; however, a branch located in Queretaro will be included which goes towards Salamanca, passing by Celaya and through most of the Bajio area.


The operative hum has a services area, an area for traveling crane of 10 tons of more than 3,000 m2, machinery washing area with a special filtering system; two pipeline painting areas with anticorrosive protection and of two warehouses: one of 2,000 m2 and another one of 1,000 m2 (this last one with controlled temperature and idiometrically.)


Paolo Ghirelli, Bonatti CEO, said that the company is open to support future projects that could be developed later.


He emphasized that one of the factors that differ Bonatti from other companies is its technical quality and finance strength, which has allowed developing large projects and supply its clients.


Bonatti arrived to Mexico in 2012 invited by Enagas, the Mexican market became one of the most important for the global operation of the company, and today it represents 30 % of the company’s total invoicing.


Paolo Ghirelli highlighted that 92 % of the workforce in Bonatti’s new operative hub is represented by Mexican workforce, which occupies management positions in all levels.


Meanwhile, Franco Herrera, undersecretary of Investments Attraction of the Ministry of Sustainable Economic Development (SDES, by its Spanish initials) noted that San Miguel de Allende is becoming a strategic point for investment attraction, as with the opening of Bonatti and the operative hub, it becomes a neuralgic point in the logistics of the State and the country.


“The dynamic this state has had in investment attraction matters, could be perfectly compared with the one from other States and regions, Bonatti made not mistake in establishing in San Miguel de Allende.


Italia is Guanajuato’s fourth commercial partner, from 2006 until date at least 11 projects have been installed in this country, which add more than 1 billion dollars in investment and that represent more than 4,000 jobs.



• Location: Ejido Santas Marias, SMA.

• Total surface: 75.000 m2

• Built surface: 4.500 m2 (maintenance workhouse and warehouse)

• No. of employees: 80 (it is anticipated to generate 200 by 2020)

• It allows the general logistic coordination of operations

• Prefabrication and paint for pipeline and plants projects

• Storage of machinery and materials

• Support for the control and management of projects in the center of Mexico