Green Island Solution Power and Man Energy Solutions started the installation project of an Electric Cogeneration Central at the Opcion Industrial Park, in San Jose Iturbide, Guanajuato with an investment of 30 million dollars on a first stage.

Thorsten Dradrach, director of MAN Energy Solutions, said that GIS Power, after three years of conceptualize the project and land it was achieved to land it in a strategic point such as the Bajio area.

The objective is to produce 30 megawatts on the first stage, there will be three machines of 10 megawatts each on a first phase, the objective is that that first phase is surpassed with the existing expectation of the customers and later the second phase will be developed producing up to 90 megawatts.

On the first phase there will be six companies that will be benefited by this technology and the potential is to include the more than 25 exiting customers in the park, which will allow guaranteeing the sale of property land with new services.


The cogeneration plant is located in the interior of the Opcion Park in a property land of 3.5 hectares, which will be build based in an hybrid solution, being an innovative characteristic in the industrial market where there will be generation and cogeneration, in addition of having the renewable aspect that will encourage the clean industry and clean energy.

“It is an strategic concept for the market in Mexico, especially in the Bajio, because after the Energy Reform this allow self-generation, we now have projects in six parks distributed in the entire Bajio area and it will be the first step, as there exist demand in the Mexican industrial sector, the Bajio is the market of the future for clean energy generation in the country,” xxx said

Noted that the competitive advantage of Guanajuato having a plant of this nature is that energy will be generated at the same point of consumption.


Assured that the main objective is to contribute with the objective settled by the State Government with consolidating an ordered and sustainable goal, aiming to be a bridge towards better life quality of citizens.

“With the installation of this energy central one more step is given to the consolidation of Guanajuato as logistics center in the Mexican Bajio,” xxx underlined.


GIS Power is a co-investment Mexican and American company, dedicated to the design and development of critical energy supply centers to serve the need of clean and efficient energy of the area’s industrial network.

This way Opcion Park assures high quality electric supply without voltage drops, since it reduces significantly to the longitude of the distribution network, in addition electric profitability costs are reduced and natural gas use is encouraged.

As part of the strategic goals of this kind of projects, is that electric supply of the highest quality is assured, in addition of considerable savings by tariff reduction to customer.  A redundant service is supplied providing more trustfulness and continuity, reducing energy consumption through efficient cogeneration.

“With this kind of technologies, companies in the park, qualify as clean green energy users, achieving current certifications in that matter and reducing environmental emissions,” ended.