The startup team of the company Aisin Takaoka Mexico is made up of 15 people from Guanajuato who will travel to Japan to be trained


The company Aisin Takaoka Mexico selected 15 people from Guanajuato who will be trained in Japan for seven months, which will be part of the team that will start the operations of the company’s new plant that will be located in Irapuato, Guanajuato.


In July, Aisin Takaoka Mexico began the construction of its production complex in Castro del Rio Tecnoindustrial Park, with an initial investment of 48 million and the creation of 230 jobs.


Here, they will manufacture casting auto-parts such as: brake discs, brackets, calipers and knuckles to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. Its main client is the Japanese assembler Toyota.


The team is headed by Francisco Sahagun, production manager, who told Mexico Industry that the ages of young engineers range from 22 to 33 years old.


A rigorous selection was made; some of the young people have experience in the foundry business and in the automotive industry, while others are recent graduates of the university, but have practices related to these items and good grades.


“For the start-up of the new plant we will require people of production, maintenance and quality. We chose the best of the best for these people to travel to Tokyo and from there to the corporate Aisin Takaoka in Toyota City; the objective is to train them in technical areas of casting, molding, finishing, maintenance and security, so that they can later implement it at the Guanajuato plant,” he explained.


The Aisin Takaoka Mexico plant is expected to be completed in March 2018 and mass production will begin in the last quarter of that year.


“Once we conclude with the training – March 2018 - we will return to Mexico to be part of the start-up team of the new plant,” he said.


According to Francisco Sahagun, production manager of Aisin Takaoka, this company is the first Japanese company in the branch of nodular iron and gray iron for these security auto parts that arrives in Mexico, and its installation responded to the arrival of Toyota in Apaseo el Grande since Guanajuato is a key player in the development of the automotive sector.


The farewell meal was offered by Jose Ricardo Ortiz Gutierrez, mayor of Irapuato, who was accompanied by Mitsuhiro Saito, director of Aisin Takaoka Mexico. Also, David Pascual, president of Desarrolladora Marabis; Vanessa Cordero, director of Desarrolladora Marabis and Fernando Vera, director of Economic Development of Irapuato, among other special guests.




Francisco Sahagun Chavez, production manager


Production engineers (Fusion, molding and finishes):

Francisco Lopez Olivares

Jairo Oswaldo Dominguez Ramirez

Abraham Alvarado Rodriguez

Rafael Lopez Martinez

Juan Ricardo Sanchez Arredondo

Julio Cesar Yepez Tafoya


Quality Engineers:

Rodrigo Mendoza Garcia

Juan Carlos Lara Bedolla

Jose Ramon Castrejon Vargas

Jaime Alberto Solorzano Torres


Management Engineers (Mechanical / Electrical):

Jhonatan Sanchez Rodriguez

Leonardo Daniel Gutierrez Amaral

Jose David Ibarra Mendoza

Moises  Robles Chavez