Established in 1978, Panasonic de Mexico focus its efforts to the development of complete technological solutions for vertical markets, as manufacturing industry, commerce, accommodations, content production and entertainment, among others.

As well as the commercialization and local manufacturing of electronic products and home appliances and industry in general.

The manufacturing plant in Estado de Mexico, located in the municipality of Ixtapaluca, manufactures flat screen televisions, audio systems and parts for other equipment.  This plant production is intended for local consumption as well as for exporting to the United States and Latin America.

Edmundo Sanchez, director of Estado de Mexico plant, said that despite the successful startup of the company in 1978 manufacturing electronic products, to be more competitive, in 2000 they opened their injection and finishing plant.  Together with this, they began exporting to Latin America in 2005 and obtained the ISO 9000 certification and a year after the ISO 14000.

“Our plant has a construction of 97,000 m2, with a construction of 56,000 m2, which has two main plants which are the one producing audio stereos and televisions, as well as raw material warehouses and finished product.  We had our own logistics and distribution is made to the entire Mexican Republic and the export to Latin America and Canada.”

The company also has four corporate offices in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Tijuana.

In addition of Panasonic de Mexico, they have other 10 companies in our country, contributing to the generation of almost 10,000 people.

Yoshihiro Kanamura, president of Panasonic Mexico, said that the Mexican economy has grown strongly, that is why the Japanese group has always been attracted by Mexico as an investment and business development destination at large-scale.  “Mexico has great development potential, has many opportunities and a strong economic growth.”

Among the machinery commercialized by Panasonic in Mexico standout robotic equipment for industrial welding, which have a demonstration center in Queretaro, strategic location to serve companies in the central part of the country.

For the automotive industry, their main market is to fulfill all small parts in a car, for companies dedicate only to assembly.  They manufacture from small pieces as braquets, panel instruments, which have a steel soul made by Panasonic robots, as its approach is attacking Mexican industry with automation.

Adding value to its presence in the automotive sector, they manufacture and commercialize high and medium range robots for any work in Mexico and world assemblers.  The system robots work with is also developed by Panasonic.


Beginning of operations: 1978

Facilities: 56 mil m2

Capital: Japanese

Activity: Manufacturing

Matrix: Osaka