Recently the first Customer Forum 2017 was held entrepreneurs, special guests, trade partners and customers attended the event.  This forum had the intention of creating a networking space in order for the new team of Toyota Equipos Industriales knew the customers’ needs, as well as exhibit products and explain how they can use them on their companies.


Yukihiro Toyama, president of Toyota Tsusho Corporation de Mexico, S.A. de C.V., commented that this event was thought to have a direct relation with the customer, as he likes to know them and have a friendship for the wellbeing of companies.  “I arrived to Mexico in April and this event is the started point to approach our customers and for them to know the new work team.”  Regarding the Automotive Industry in Mexico, he commented that: “It is the largest industry in the country; all companies installed here are very competitive.  In the last years this industry has grown fast in Mexico with the increase in vehicle production.  Entrepreneurs are aware that this country has great industrial potential.”


He summarized that for Japan it is very attractive to invest in Mexico, not only for the automotive boom, but for all the industries which are already here and the companies arriving, “Japanese see Mexico as a strategic partner.”


Toyota Equipos Industriales with more than 25 years of experience in Mexico is intended to provide solutions for the Mexican industry in materials management.  In addition of providing services that helps industries in taking advantage of their equipment and thus facilitates their work in the address of their company.  From supplying a spare part until helping them to managing their fleet.  Their mission and objective is the same:  adding value to their business.


The products they offer are combustion and electric forklifts, hydraulic and electric skates, order pickers and towing tractors; which had great acceleration, productivity and reliability.


Likewise, they have more than 100 years of experience worldwide in the manufacturing of materials management equipment.  With their team of professionals, they support all the equipment during their useful life.


Toyota is committed with the development of electric forklifts with the same characteristics and functionality than the internal combustion models.  All forklifts are manufactured to be 99 % recyclable.  They are number one in sales worldwide, and Mexico is redoubling efforts for becoming the main supplier also.