The current administration of Tlaxcala, 29 companies have been installed and eight industrial expansions have taken place, which represents a figure of one billion dollars.  Such companies are dedicated to the automotive, chemical, textile and of food and beverages sectors.

Tlaxcala has become a mainly industrial entity that has allowed the detonation of job sources.  Only in 2018, 101,974 new job positions were generated.

Before such development, the Supply Regional Central Area Industrial Corridor Forum was held, due to the need of increasing the amount of purchases of large industries settled in Mexico.  This forum had the participation of 35 purchasing companies with 580 requirements, what translates in an amount of 350 million dollars.

Rene Mendoza Acosta, national coordinator of Capim, underlined that there are 333 industries in Tlaxcala that offer 260 products, services and productive processes, in turn of underlining that most of the companies are in the automotive sector what translates in a strong offer.

Meanwhile, Jorge Luis Vazquez, head of the Ministry of Economic Development, said that the main objective of the forum is to strength the region supply chain.  “This forum is thought for any kind of industry, what allows more businessmen to attend and enter into the current economy,” and added that “the automotive sector is in continuous economic development, as well as the textile and the chemical are shoring in a balanced manner to have today the more of 100 thousand jobs we have in Tlaxcala.”

Ulrich Thoma, president of the Automotive Cluster of the Center Area, said that one of the most important subjects in the group is supply.  “Currently, we are working in the supply mapping of the area to know and create ties among companies, and this way develop an economy that favor both parties.  Now with the recent USMCA, that underlines that integration of products of the automotive industry has to be of 62 to 75 % of local products, we are obligated to produce more components in the area for cars manufacturing.”

Likewise, he detailed that Clauz worked with three Committees: Human development and innovation and technology.  “We also have the Committee of Tlaxcala, where we join Tlaxcala companies which are T2 to participate and work forming synergies.”

Regarding the attractive Tlaxcala has for investment attraction, Ulrich noted that Tlaxcala workforce is a very important value, as well as the current administration that supports companies to establish in the area to attract investments and make ties among municipalities, personnel, human talent and universities.  “Tlaxcala is an automotive entity, for example, houses two of the largest assemblers of the country which are Volkswagen and Audi de Mexico,” he ended.

Companies from 14 States of the Country attended this regional summit such as Puebla, Chihuahua, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Morelos, Nuevo Leon and Queretaro, among others, and developed 1,149 business meetings during the two work days.

GLM Components Mexico

David Bautista, projects manager, detailed that the Italian company belongs to the metal-mechanic industry and is dedicated to the production of pipes supports and sheets, wire rod, etc.  Its products are focused in the automotive industry and are T1 from Volkswagen, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, BMW and export to the United States and Europe.
Modern Accuracy

This company, located in Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico, produces more than 400 thousand mechanized with high precision.  Walter Gobat, general director of PM, precise that 60 % of the production addressed for the automotive industry are pieces such as such as arrows, bushings, inserts, special nuts, nozzles, etc.  “PM has about 90 camshafts of different capacities ranging from 2 mm to 60 mm of lathing and we also have around 30 CNC lathes,” said Engineer Gobat.

Marcos del Rosario, president of Nafin, president of the automotive sector in CANACINTRA Tlaxcala and president of Eagle Tlaxcala Mexico, said that the Regional Supply Forum is of great importance in the entity due to the economic impact that represents for industries, the business relation, the commercial exchange that generates, knowledge of what the Stata produces.

Industrial objective 2019

Bernardo Segura, general manager of Fidecix, said that they are in talks with four companies for them to settle in Tlaxcala this year.  Work is continued to be done to consolidate investments and certifications of the industrial parks, as well as in maintenance.  To see areas for production development and visualize how to urbanize areas for them to be more attractive lots for medium companies and that they workers live near the plant.