After 7 years of producing the Jetta A6 and the Bicentenario version, which went on the market in 2010 to commemorate the Independence of Mexico, the Volkswagen brand decided to launch a new version of the car with different characteristics, but retaining the name.


The new Jetta comes with great sale expectations in Mexico and U.S.A., because this car has been brand's badge for 7 years. It promises to incorporate more efficient engines, such as the 1.4-liter TSI and 2.0-liter TSI for the GLI line.


At the moment, it is in the quality phase, manufacturing the units in the plant installed in Cuautlancingo, reason why it is expected that in January of 2018 be presented officially.


A group of plant workers in Puebla were sent to Germany to be trained on the new model’s production.


Likewise, VW directives addressed the issue of the new Tiguan, commented that the plant in Puebla has the capability of producing 200 trucks per day, although only 50 are manufactured.