Tecson is a 100 % Mexican company dedicated to the manufacturing, commercialization and maintenance of equipment and ultrasound cleaning systems.

With more than 30 years of experience, Tecson has position as a leading firm in ultrasonic cleaning for the automotive, aerospace, military, plastic injection, medical, agro-food and jewelry industries, among others.

The company was born as an initiative of six brothers that detected a need in the industry, they decided to create Tecson to provide companies with customized cleaning solutions.

Tecson plant is located in the municipality of Cuautitlan, Estado de Mexico, and according to Armando Gomez Sanchez, general director of the company, from here they offer a complete service which goes from the design, development, manufacturing and maintenance of the ultrasonic cleaning machines.  “We manufacture ultrasonic cleaning equipment, transporters and ultrasonic sealing equipment (tooling.)  Everything we sell is produced in Mexico, with 100 % Mexican service, workforce and technology, he noted.

He announced that thanks to the technology, qualified workforce and quality at work, has made possible for Tecson to export its products to countries such as Argentina, Chile and Brazil.




Is a system consisting in immerse pieces in liquid through which high frequency waves are produced which generate a reaction that removes all kind of wastes in the surface and on each one of the pieces areas, what guarantees a perfect cleaning.

“Throughout this system we are 100 % sure that the piece or what is going to be cleaned will be perfectly cleaned.  If the pieces or parts are cleaned with a brush, this will leave small marks,” he explained

Armando Gomez Sanchez announced that they manufacture among 35 to 40 ultrasonic cleaning machines per year and that each one of them is produced customizing the client’s requirements.

He referred that the process starts with the customer visit to the plant, needs are analyzed and, based on it, a design is made and the machine to be manufactured and the service are quoted.

All the equipment is completely manufactured at Tecson, from the stainless steel complements required by the equipment, until the conditioning with all the electronic implements.

“Each one of the equipment is manufactured with exclusive specifications for each customer.  From them, 80 % are for national production and 20 % goes into the international countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Chila,” he said.



According to the directive, each industry requires ultrasonic cleaning  and one of the advantages offered by Tecson is that as the equipment is manufactured in Mexico, all the stainless steel implements, the electronic, spare parts and service are available in  a term no longer than 24 hours with their customers.

He said that although there are foreign companies that sell the ultrasonic cleaning equipment, these do not have service in Mexico, therefore customers have to absorb the cost of bringing technicians from countries such as Germany or Spain.

About 35 qualified people work at Tecson and they have commercial representatives in Mexico City, Leon, Monterrey and Argentina.

“We are looking to open a sale office in the border, because there is no service for this kind of machines,” he noted.

Finally, Armando Gomez Sanchez, Tecson director, mentioned that the automotive industry in Mexico will continue developing, therefore it is anticipated that the company’s growth will continue in the following years.



Name of the company: Tecson

Number of workers: 35

Start of operations: 1986

Capital: Mexican

Product: Ultrasonic cleaning equipment and systems

Website: www.tecson.com.mx