Marcela Revilla has three master’s degrees, two of them International Master in Business Administration by the Political Sciences Institute of Paris, Science-Po, another one in Thunderbird-ITESM, and the third one in Systems which provides her a vision focused on business, but linked to technology systems management.

She has had the opportunity of fully develop in SAP system management, given that since the beginning of her career she has employ it as user, but has not been until the last decade when she consolidated as Instructor-Consultant SAP International teaching training courses in all levels in different business lines and system applications, which led her to integrate her own company of Consultoria y Capacitacion en Estudios Estrategicos (CCEE.)

Her company focuses mainly on providing customized and standard training as SAP official partner covering different industrial sectors, global companies, academic institutions and everyone in need of formal training in software management, as well as SAP certifications.

“In my profession, I have found the intellectual challenge and mental agility one seeks every day, which requires a deep, extensive and continuous update given the extreme quickness in technological changes within digital economy currently ruling us.”

Msc. Revilla describes success as a continuous evolution as a human being in the different contexts where we become subject of an action to positively influence others generating value.

“It is important to find inspiration and motivation in one engages as one gives a great part of our life providing sense to each and every part of our lives providing sense to each and every action fulfilled every day.”

For Marcela Revilla the main thing that has taken her to this current position has been the capacity to adapt to the different realities taking place, together with planning suitable to global uncertainty.

More information:

Schooling: MBA, Sciences Po, Paris, France; MBA, Thunderbird-ITESM, Phoenix, Az. - Mexico; Master of Science in Computing - Arturo Rosenblueth Foundation; SAP Certified Consultant.

Country of origin: Mexico

Start of the company: 2013

Current position: General Director