Rever launched its new platform Rever for Automotive, completely focused on the automotive industry so that through new continuous improvement flows and under already proven methodologies this sector continues growing regarding digitalization.

It is a new version of their platform, with an intuitive interface that has the same 2 minutes learning curve, and that includes modules inside the same for Quick Action and 8 D’s, one of the most used methodologies of problems solution in the automotive sector. On it, companies will find tools to manage its continuous improvement processes.

Mariana Salazar, Product director in Rever explained that this application is designed especially for people to capture and execute their ideas in it, and that way they feel involved by helping in the organization’s growth.

“By using this platform, employees’ knowledge will remain and reapply in other locations around the world, this also will help reducing personnel turnover and the financial impact replacing an assembly expert means, for example,” said Mariana.

Rever for Automotive was developed in Mexico, at the Operations’ Center, located in Guadalajara. The director mentioned that the fact of it being a product made in Mexico, with Mexican engineers and that are reaching different parts of the world, is making this Operations’ Center in one of the first levels, something beneficial for the country’s growth.

Despite the uncertainty moment the automotive sector is going through, Marian Salazar said that more than an obstacle for the launching of this new product, it is a solution. “We believe solutions to face this doubt time, are not coming from outside, but from inside, this means, from the talent inside automotive companies settled in the country, there are too much knowledge and asset in their employees,” noted Mariana, “that is why our bet is on that with this platform this transformation emerges that allows them to adapt and turning, beyond a crisis, in an opportunity to change things and succeed.”

The platform has more than 8 thousand ideas created by personnel inside companies using this service currently, and in amounts financially valid have with more than 4 million dollars in economic impacts for companies.