Plastic industry in Mexico has had a positive performance by keeping a continuous growth, according to data from the National Association of Plastic Industries (ANIPAC, by its Spanish initials) its consumption development gain 8.8 % in 2015 and of 7.7 % of production.  In this sense polymer exports in 2017 reached 1.7 % million tons.

During the first semester 2018, the plastic industry in Mexico developed in a competitive manner in exports with powers such as Germany, the United States, Canada and Asia.

Companies from that sector add a commercial value of more than 23,000 million dollars and keep economic interaction with more than 50,000 companies and industries.

For 2020 it is expected that 18 % of the automobile will be made of plastic, competing with 6 % of its profit currently.  Micro and small companies represent 84 % of the plastic industry in Mexico, while big ones represent 4 % and medium 12 percent.

Mexico exceeds China, the United States and Germany regarding plastic production by positioning in eleventh place worldwide.

Within the manufacturer industry plastics goods occupy an important place, since they are in the application of new products, technologies, construction, packaging, auto-parts, and consumption, among others.

This sector, in which a consumption of 5.3 million tons is estimated in the country, plays an important role within the manufacturing sector especially in the export market, where there are big opportunities for Mexican suppliers.

The machinery production market value for the plastic industry is of 34 billion euros, being Europe the region going at front with 43 % of production, followed by China that has 32 % of world production, while North America represents only 10 %.  That is why Mexico can have an opportunity there.

Aldimir Torres Arenas, president of the National Association of Plastic Industries (ANIPAC) said: “in our lives and in all industries, plastic has an important and irreplaceable role in most cases.  We cannot image its absence in industries such as food, medical, aerospace, automotive, construction, telecommunications and all those that have to do with our daily living.”

Likewise, he said that plastic industry recognizes that there is a serious problem in the use and management of plastic wastes: “We understand that the responsible is not plastic, responsibility lays in all those involved, in production, generation, recollection, disposal and use of solid wastes.”

Additionally, Abelardo Perez, general director of Grupo PerPlast, said that plastics been developed thanks to nanotechnology are integrating new materials providing it a very promising future, mainly for the automotive and aeronautic industry.  “3D printing has been of great help to obtain better prototypes and that pieces designs are much quicker and accurate.”

“I consider that the plastic industry has been fundamental in Mexico’s growth and worldwide it has had a very important development.  We are an industry that will never end, but that will be evolving to become a more ecologic industry.  In order to have a change of greater ecologic impact from plastic products manufacture companies, first, it must be done in large companies with their requirements,” said the executive

Plastic industry is considered an important supplier of the automotive industry, has maintained the discrete growth path in the last 10 years.  Taking into account that the annual average growth of the Mexican economy in general has been of 2.92 %, the one of the plastic industry has barely been higher, with 3.03 % annual average.

Another outstanding aspect is the behavior of the Mexican plastic industry in the international market during the most recent decade.  Likewise most of the activities related with manufacturers, the national plastic industry has achieved energize noticeable their participation in foreign trade.  The increase of exports has exceeded the one of imports.



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