The Construction Giant

Luis Ize Ludlow has been serving as commercial director of the construction and coating segments for the northern region of Latin America since 2015, covering Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Being the main responsible for increasing Dow's participation in the construction industry through innovative solutions focused on energy efficiency, intelligent coatings and products that improve constructive productivity.


He is currently leading the “Sustainable Urbanization” initiative, which is focused on developing a new model of urbanization in Mexico that incorporates all the technology that Dow and its clients can offer to improve the quality of life for Mexicans.

“We are at a key moment for the construction industry in our country, where thanks to the new building materials we can create a positive impact not only on the quality of the homes being built but also the quality of life for the people who live on them. It is time to rethink the constructive models of Mexico and focus not only on the efficiency of housing, but also think of models of urbanization that solve the housing deficit in our country in a sustainable way.”


Luis began his career at Dow Mexico in 2001. He has extensive international experience occupying different leadership positions in Brazil and the United States in roles such as supply chain, operations, M&A, product management and business management.


“Dow is a company concerned with the integral formation of its leaders, the rotation in several businesses, functions and geographies is a great opportunity for professional and personal development. I have had that opportunity and now my interest is to teach the team to always take challenges, look for those opportunities and take the most advantage to them.”


Luis was born in Mexico and holds a Bachelor's degree in Science and Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Iberoamericana, a postgraduate degree in Leadership and International Business Administration from the University of Pittsburg and an MBA from IPADE.