The secretary of Defense, Salvador Cienfuegos and the governor Tony Gali placed the foundation stone for the construction of the Military Industry Complex in Puebla, which total investment will be of 9 billion pesos that represent an unprecedented encouragement to local economy in El Oriental and the recovery of the property land occupied by La Celula.


Salvador Cienfuegos assured that these actions generate important economic revenue, due to more than four thousand elements will move to the area, what will translate in direct benefits for the population.


In his speech, the official Tony Gali thanked the secretary of Defense its availability to work concertedly.


“Talking with my general Cienfuegos, he commented that this investment will reach more than nine billion pesos for this area in Puebla.  This will bring more economic resources to our entity, facilitate the concentration and specialization of the Military Industry in the area,” he highlighted.


He announced that the generation of five thousand temporary jobs is estimated for the people in nearby municipalities, with a prospective of 12 thousand indirectly.  He added that these works will contribute to the State progress, as it happened with the establishment of Volkswagen and Audi.


Juan Manuel Rico Gamez, commander of the VI Military Region, informed that factories, warehouses, workshops and basic services will be placed, as well as military units, a sports facility and a physician for families.


He noted that permanent economic revenue is anticipated with the purchase of raw material, property and basic services purchase.  In addition, he said that it will have a positive impact in Technological and Polytechnic universities in the area; this will encourage the educational offer in coordination with this industry’s needs.