For second consecutive time Audi Mexico exceeded the production goal of the previous year, in 2018 the total was of 173,550 Q5 units locally produced.  Audi Q5 is the first Premium automobile manufactured in Mexico and establishes standards on its class.

“Audi Mexico has successfully developed since its first production year until now.  We value the work and dedication of our collaborators and we will continue contributing to the international competitiveness of Grupo Audi,” said Andreas Lehe, executive president of Audi Mexico.

The plant in San Jose Chiapa is one of the most modern in the American continent.  During the first year of operations, the plant reached a production level of 158,550 units and exceeded that figure in 2018 with 173,550 produced units.

Audi Mexico is one of the most attractive employers in the country and actively participates in our projects in the region.  For example, the Orquesta Audi Mexico, houses a total of 270 children and youngsters in the in the choir and the orchestra

Audi Mexico tries to optimize the life quality of its collaborators.  For example, the company has expanded its benefits to allow its collaborators spend the first weeks and months after their child is born or adopted with the family.  In 2018, Audi Mexico received the Award ESR® as socially responsible company.

In 2018, UNESCO in Mexico and Audi Mexico, together with SEP and the Government of Puebla organized the “International Forum in Dual Education and Corporate Responsibility.”  The Forum worked as space to analyze, share ideas, proposals and good practices in Dual Education and Corporate Responsibility environments.

Last year, Audi Mexico confirmed its commitment with the environment, with the opening of an osmosis plant.  With this sustainable project, Audi Mexico is the first plant free of wastewaters of the group.

Likewise, Audi Mexico held the third Familientag, where operators’ families were able to know closely their relative workplace.  With activities such as test track, wind simulator, knowing the robots that operate in the bodywork industrial building, as well as the assembly industrial building.

During the first edition the Familientag, there were still 1,500 collaborators, Audi Mexico employs today more than 5,200.

“I am pleased to see the interest of families to know our ‘smart plant.’  The proud of our collaborators to show their workplace, was noticeable.  Here we build together a Premium auto ‘Made in Mexico’ for the world market,” said Andreas Zelzer, vice-president of human resources and organization.