The Laguna Solar Park was presented in Matamoros, Coahuila, first project of the international company 174 Power Global in Mexico; announcing the advance of the project and the group behind of the investment development, which includes 118 million dollars.

Coahuila is the only state where solar photovoltaic and wind power energy projects are generated, since it has solar irradiation higher than the national average, as well as the generation of favorable winds.

The construction of this solar park implies direct employment for 400 people among carpenters, electricians and more, and there will also be an indirect impact.

It is located 7 kilometers away from the Torreon - Mieleras highway, area chosen by its favorable weather conditions and geographical characteristics.

It will have 230 hectares of extension, 360,000 solar panels modules will be installed, to generate 125 megawatts of power and its total cost is of 118 million dollars.  It will start operations at the beginning of 2019.

Before the construction, the flora and fauna of the place were rescued and relocated to another habitat for their ideal survival; its advantages are that solar energy does not use fossil fuels; therefore it does not pollute, is an inexhaustible energy source and is cheaper.  There is an initial cost, but then it starts paying for itself.

Deborah Reyes, Senior Development director, Manager for Mexico, 174 Power Global Corp, said that this work started three years ago in a blackboard, it was an idea that achieved being built with the support of three different countries.

She thanked professionals, the constructor manufacturer of the modules and Mexico’s team that collaborates in the financing and several stages more.  “It is our first project of this size in Mexico,” she said.

She quoted that this international company is dedicated to the development of high scale solar panels and its main commitment is generating clean energy, therefore it is observed to continue expanding in the country.

Just as they did in North American states such as Florida, Texas, Nevada and Utah.  Mexico’s team is advised by members of the corporate located in Irvine, California.

Meanwhile, Henry Yun, CEO of 174 Power Global Corp. said that it is an honor being here: here is one of the solar facilities built with enough energy to supply 180,000 homes in Mexico.

“One of the benefits is that annual emissions are reduced.  It is expected to supply Mexico of clean and renewable energy for more 35 years,” she added.

She emphasized that they worked with the land owners and with many people in Mexico to achieve a meeting point; therefore she thanked those involved in the project.

“I sincerely wish we continue building more, create jobs and show a very clean environment for all,” Deborah Reyes said.

Meanwhile Efrain Villanueva Arcos, general director of Clean Energies from the Ministry of Energy (SENER, by its Spanish initials) congratulated Power Global for making this solar photovoltaic energy project a reality.

“We do know that the sun here is an inexhaustible source of energy, and we know that it will surely have all the success we wish for,” he said.

Energy, present and future

According to data provided by the State Government, the entity positions as number one in the entire country in installed capability for the production of solar energy, since studies establish that Coahuila has a potential of radiation at the order of 5.4 kilowatts per hour over square meter, higher than the national average.

Jaime Guerra Perez, secretary of Economy in Coahuila, talked about the property lands in optimum conditions for the development of the projects.

“We have solar potential practically in the entire State that average 5.4 kilowatts per hour by square meter, located above the national average.  It has a potential of up to 22,500 megawatts, and 9,814 megawatts in wind power and solar projects,” he said. 

The sum of the aforementioned, in 2017 equals 30 % of the national figure, concentrate 8 % in solar power and 13 % of national wind power.

Development perspectives are favorable, he said: “we are one of the entities that most investment has brought to the generation of electricity, particularly by clean sources.  Since the promulgation of the Energy Reform more than 34 permits have been granted.”

Another authorized voice in the energy sector is Rogelio Montemayor, president of the Energy Cluster Coahuila, who explained that strengths and reasons why large firms of renewable energies take into account our State to settle.

“Coahuila offers many advantages that contribute with competitiveness to the development of big projects, among which can be mentioned wind power and solar resources highly useful in different areas of the State.  La Laguna and the desert have high levels of solar radiation; while the Southeast and North are regions with considerable wind speed,” he explained.



Other factors mentioned by Montemayor are the opening and support from authorities in matter of processes management and investments attractions, as well as the proximity to important industrial complexes, electric infrastructure even with the capability of transmission and the openness to negotiation from land owners.

“This allow other big size companies see the state of Coahuila as a location with potential for the development of their projects, since we have the conditions that favor its profitability; therefore it raises the interest for the construction of similar parks and with that the attraction of important investments,” said Rogelio Montemayor.

Energy, present and future

“The greatest advantage is the access to the primary resource without cost, which is the sun and wind.  The speed with this technology has improved, has allowed reducing generation costs and therefore, making these technologies more competitive.  As well as the lowest environmental and social impact regarding other type of technologies,” said Montemayor about the advantages offered by renewable energies.

Nationally, Mexico is the country that grew the most in 2017 in renewable energies, as 6 billion dollars were injected in wind power and solar energy.  With the growing demand of electricity, the Long Term Program of Auctions and the Energy Transition Law, anticipates reaching an objective of 30 % coming from renewable energies for 2021.

The Solar Laguna Energy Plant is the first one, it was declared winner in the second auction by the Ministry of Energy and a contract was signed with the Federal Electricity Commission.

Those have been key factors to generate a climate of confidence among investors which encourages investment.

In just three years contracts have been awarded for the purchase of about 19,800 gigawatts hour per year of renewable energy, equivalent to the electric consumption of 6.5 million of Mexican homes.

Prices obtained are among the lowest internationally, with offers reaching 17.7 dollars per megawatts for wind power, and 19.7 dollars for photovoltaic solar, in the third auction.

There will be a total of 65 new generator centrals the ones contributing with new clean energy to the country as result of these auctions, 45 of these centrals will be solar and 20 of wind power in 17 entities of the country.

The clean capability that will be added to the country will be of about 7,000 megawatts, equivalent to 10 % of what we have in the entire national electric system, which will allow having in 2020 four times the solar and wind power infrastructure present in 2012.

The Development Program of the National Electric System for the period 2018-2032 has included a series of prevention for capability additions come from renewable energies, to take advantage of the wind and sun power Coahuila has.