Enerlogix Soultions together with Grupo Censere presented the benefits the opening of the electric market has through the qualified suppliers in the country.


During the exhibition, Monte Mickle, specialist in the energy sector, anticipated that with the changes in this sector, the electricity prices will decrease for 2021, as he assured that there are foreign companies interested in entering into the Mexican market as qualified suppliers.


“The entrance of these players will be similar to what AT&T did at its moment; they arrived to the country time after telecommunications were developed.  Companies with new options that do not want to pay the ticket to enter into a new market and wait for it to mature to arrive in buying a wide portfolio from some company,” said the expert.


Likewise, he noted that there are currently 50 suppliers attached, however only among 5 and 7 have the capability of offering a good service, fulfill coverage contracts and buy energy blocks from generators.”


He underlined that among the positive things the electric wholesale market is the existing big competition and in addition of the savings companies will reflect depending of the location of its consumption profile.


The work of a consulting company is to offer a comprehensive service of energy management for the commercial and industrial sectors in the country to face the new energetic program.


“We are agnostic advisors, we work for our customers in a neutral form, without representing any marketer and take our partners to be a wholesale electric qualified user and efficient the energy cost for the consumer, including avoiding vulnerability that companies have when being supplied by CFE Basic Service Supply,” said Mickle.


Contracts fulfilled with the company Enerlogix Solutions will last three years, in addition they offer advantages in megawatts costs, “we are flexible, in case of requiring more energy in some months of the year, we give the possibility of agreeing a price at the beginning for these periods and then return to the normal profile they had.  We make contracts customized for customers,” said the specialist.


Among the large companies advising are: Whirlpool, Embraco, Meritor, FedEx, Delphi, Toter, Enersys, Mars, Duraplay, Littlefuse, among others already having budget certainty and savings.


“Without mentioning names, on September, a company located in the border had savings of 20 to 40 % of what they could be paying with CFE,” said Mickle.


In addition, he accounted that there are 50 companies registered on Enerlogix’s portfolio and between 25 and 30 in process of being attached, while every week there are working with new prospects.  The joint demand is of 300 megawatts that will be entering the market and from here to the end of the year, according to specialists; it is anticipated to be of 500 megawatts among the customers already in the new energy market.


They emphasized that Nuevo Leon is considered a “gold mine” for a qualified supplier or for consulting companies.  “The state is the energy center for Mexico, as well as Houston is the energy center for the United States,” ended the expert.