The company installed in Saltillo in 1999, leader in molding and injection and assembly processes.

Plasticos Flambeau is an American company installed in Saltillo since 1999 and it dedicates to the molding and injection processes and assembly, mostly for the automotive industry, although they also incur in hunting products.

The plant is located at the Amistad Industrial Park in the Morelos housing subdivision, in the capital of Coahuila, and the products being made are air ducts, of floor and ceiling, which are considered the star product due to the amount they manufacture.  Moreover, windscreen whippers’ liquid bottles are produced, of breaks liquid, antifreeze, as well as water reserve tanks for automobile cooling systems.

According to Felipe Lopez, general manager at Plasticos Flambeau Saltillo, 85 % of their production is exported to the United States and South Korea, while 15 % remains in the southeast region of Coahuila, supplying companies such as General Motors, Nissan, Chrysler and Freightliner.

“We export most of our products mainly to the United States and Korea, therefore they have the highest standards of quality in order for them being well received in those places,” he said.

Lopez commented that the plant currently has 420 employees in Saltillo and it is in a consolidation process to reach more markets each time.

“Our challenges are in short term to continue in the automotive market, although in a long term we are reaching diversification towards other industrial markets and specifically in this plant we are in a very strategic point for increasing sales, we are closer to plants such as Chrysler or General Motors and the challenge is to reach those markets and maintain there,” he noted.

“The advantages we have by being located in Coahuila are logistics, because we are near big companies which are potential customers.  Despite transfers for exportations, being near the United States makes them more accessible,” he explained.

Regarding the plant’s quality, Plasticos Flambeau has several certifications, what provides a quality seal and a distinction of environmental responsibility.

“Currently, as specific customer requirement, we have the IATF 16949 certification, for the automotive industry, we also have the ISO 14000, which is the environmental one, and the BIQS certification, for General Motors.”

On the other hand, the company has been awarded for three consecutive years with the Supplier Quality Award, granted by General Motors. 



Flambeau Inc. is a company specialized in injection and blowing, founded in 1947 by WR Sauey, in Baraboo, Wisconsin.  Currently it is considered as world leader in the industry of thermoplastics manufacturing.

Globally, the American company annually generates more than 350 million dollars in sales and has more than 2,400 associates around the world, having 18 plants which are located in the United States, Mexico and England, and 26 commercialization units worldwide.

The companies from the Nordic Group which manages Flambeau manufacture and distribute plastic products, seats and transportation in the entire world for industrial, commercial and consumption markets.

In the recreational part are manufactured hunting lures.  Through molding for blowing they produce ducks, deer, and coyotes, up to owls, which are exported to supermarket stores in the United States.