The company will be focusing in supplying services to the automotive sector of the area and from other parts of the country.

Ramos Arizpe continues capturing investments and this time, the arrival of the North American company Martin Technologies joins the companies betting on this area of Coahuila’s southeast.

With an initial investment of 270 million pesos and an estimated generation of 250 jobs, Harold Martin Technologies, subsidiary of Martin Engineering, opened at the Amistad Industrial Park its first plant in Mexico and according with its directives, arrives to consolidate its operations in the automotive sector and in one future expand its operations.

According to Harold Martin, company’s CEO, this is an international company leader in development, manufacture and innovation of the products that make bulk solid materials management cleaner, safer and productive.

“We are excited with the opening of this plant which is focused on being supplier of the automotive sector in the region and of other parts of the country.  We believe we can help them to cover their needs with what we manufacture,” said the directive during his speech in the opening ceremony.

Martin offers technologies that control dust generation, reduce material leakage and increase the useful life of the transporter components, all this aimed to improve operation efficiency, create a safety environment and increase their plant profitability.

Over time, different branches of the company have acquire skills and experience strategically in areas such as the advanced design of the engine, cylinders, piston ring technologies, friction characteristics, management and manufacture of electronic engines and power breaks, thus as manufacturing and instrumentation.

“We started as suppliers of engine testing, but little by little we have been expanding our customers, in engineering and manufacture products,” he added.

The Ramos Arizpe plant, started operations in January and has 2,500 square meters of territory, will be focus on providing services to the automotive sector of the region and from other parts of the country, highlight among its customers Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA,) General Motors (GM,) BMW, Volkswagen, among other big automotive companies established in Mexican territory.

“Coahuila is a strategic place to provide better services to the customer and in addition because there is a great technological and supply services,” said the CEO of the company in interview for Mexico Industry.


At the opening ceremony, in which were present the mayor Tita Flores Boardman and the secretary of Economy and Tourism, Jaime Guerra Perez, as well as executives and company’s collaborators, was said that they will be betting on future generations, especially by collaborating with the educational sector of the area, to become a technological center leader on its sector.

“We are sure that working with schools and universities will work to prepare students for the productive sector, and it will help us being a technological center leader in Mexico,” he said.

“I would like to help in educating our young students and workers, I can share my technology, ideas with them, and shape the next Harold Martin just here,” he added.



Founded in 1996, in Detroit Michigan, and with almost 1,000 workers around the world, Martin Technologies continues consolidating as one of the companies stepping strong in the automotive industry with engineering and manufacturing services, although that is not the only branch in which they dabble, since they are also present in the aerospace industry, as well in the defense sector, working specifically with the American army providing to the Department of Defense and military contractors testing and certification, data acquisition, engineering analysis and more.

The company has 10 patents worldwide, some have been implemented in an innovative way in the motoring industry, example of world-class of Harold Martin contributions includes its design and development of the first electronic fuel injection engine (EF.)



Martin Technologies has 15 plants worldwide, achieving to be present in the United States, Brazil, Philippines, Malesia, China, Australia, as well as different countries of the European Union, exporting to different parts of the world where its customers have needs.  With its recent arrival to Mexico, the American company seeks establishing to consolidate its different projects. 

“Since its inception the company has grown 2000 %, since originally it started with four employees and now seeks making this our second home.  This is our first plant installed in Mexico and we have growing plans, in a short term here in Coahuila and in a long term we are seeking to expand in Mexico,” said Brian Jones, vice-president of the North American firm.