Aiming to encourage the growth of the maquila and export manufacturing industry, as well as to promote the update of the highly exporter national interest, the National Council of the Maquila and Export Manufacturing (Index) held its 45th National Convention in Chihuahua.

Here industrials from the entire country coincided in that one of the main engines of the national economy is the maquila and export manufacturing industry.

Luis Aguirre Lang, president of Index Nacional, said that this industry generate about 20 % of the employment at the social security, almost 3 million of direct jobs and 7 million of indirect ones; moreover, it contributes with 60 % of the exports in the country and last year exported about 240,000 million dollars.

“Promoting the export Mexican industry competitiveness – updating the business environment – is part of the support we provide corporates with representation in different areas of Mexico, where we have reinforced index as a leading organization in global productivity management.”

Aguirre Lang said that the geographic location, cultural diversity, industrial and of services and, mainly, human talent, make Mexico an attractive country for the arrival of investments.

He detailed that last year the industry invested more than 500,000 hours in training issues.  According to Aguirre, this kind of labor culture – characterized by its high quality, passion and talent – makes Mexico be appreciated today by its labor and mindwork.

“Investors already present in Mexico, but also those who are not, are choosing Mexico above other regions.”

As of Luis Aguirre, after the United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement (USMCA) an important increase in investments are anticipated for the upcoming year.

“I am expecting a year with a strong detonation in investment and talent, we will be aligning within the work of the upcoming years and will continue growing in employment, exports and investment,” he said.

He remembered that a clause was incorporated into the USMCA that promotes the production of remanufactured goods, which recognizes new business models based in recycling.  He considered that the incorporation of this subject represents a great opportunity for the export manufacturing industry.

45th National Convention

The 45th National Convention of Index had the participation of more than 700 visitors, as well as the attendance of presidents and Index directors nationally, and officials from the Municipal, State and Federal Government.

During the event, industrials from the entire country analyzed the current state of the industry, learned about the best practices, trends, innovations and strategies to develop talent, among other issues.

Some of the challenges addressed where innovation and the reorganization of manufacturing before industry 4.0, the increase of the value in export manufacturing and the participation of the industry in the so called fourth transformation.  Conferences and lectures were held from different subjects related with the industry, lectured by notable figures from the industrial sector, foreign trade, of business and political of the country, among them were “NAFTA: results, expectations and impacts,” “High direction in manufacturing,” and “The future of the automotive industry.”

Index is an Association that encourages the promotion of the Mexican export industry and updates the business environment.

COAHUILA, on sight

Blanca Tabares, president of Index Piedras Negras, underlined the qualities that make Index National a pillar of the country’s economy; in addition she listed the strengths Coahuila has inside it.

“Our maquila and export industry is today a pillar due to the generation of jobs which increases dynamically, due to the transfer of technology that arrives from other countries, the implementation of new processes,” she noted.

“One of the important points is logistics, the geographic location, high quality workforce and the development of the academic part.  Coahuila has the automotive industry and one of the most important brewing companies and we have the electronic sector, while Piedras Negras has a sustained growth, and the expectation is to maintain it,” she ended.