With an initial investment of 25 million dollars, was announced the Italian company UFI Filters new plant location, which will be built in the Southeast Region of the State, specifically in Ramos Arizpe.

During the announcement, Rinaldo Facchini, president of Grupo UFI, together with Miguel Angel Riquelme, governor of Coahuila, said that the Italian company dedicated to the manufacturing of filters for the automotive sector will generate 250 direct jobs and will begging operations in the upcoming months.

“We decided to establish the investment here in Ramos Arizpe after a hard study of different regions to operate in the American continent,” said the directive of the Italian company.

UFI is a company dedicated to technology, innovation and performance that began operations in 1971 in Italy and continued a global expansion that turned it into a world leader in filtration, with 16 industrial centers, three innovation centers, and 54 commercial offices around the world and generates more than 4,000 jobs and an investment of 450 euros.

Thanks to their presence in different sectors, UFI filtration systems are chosen among 6 of the 7 largest automobile manufacturers, and among 7 of the 10 Formula 1 racing teams, having as their most distinguished customer the multi-champion Ferrari.

Rinaldo Facchini was accompanied by Richard Hubbell, operations director in America for UFI Filters; Giovanni Menini, engineering processes director of Grupo UFI; Carlos Arredondo, plant manager UFI Mexico; in addition of Jaime Guerra Perez, secretary of Economy in Coahuila; and Jose Maria Morales Padilla, mayor of Ramos Arizpe.

“Today we are welcoming another company that comes to consolidate the Automotive Cluster, but besides consolidating projected foreign investments.  Over the course of the upcoming months we will be about to begin,” said the state official.

Meanwhile, Jaime Guerra underlined the levels in which Coahuila is regarding foreign direct investment (FDI) and announced more projects for the State.

“This is one of the 50 investment projects already settled in this administration, verifying the confidence placed in Coahuila.  In addition of having 39 upcoming projects, what represents 1,700 million dollars approximately,” he said.