More than 400 businessmen gathered in Torreon and created ties to benefit the economic growth of the entity

In the past November was held the Interdelegations Convention CANACINTRA Coahuila 2017 in Torreon, event that exceeded the expectations on its first edition, gathering regions’ leaders (Piedras Negras, Acuna, Torreon, Saltillo and Monclova,) businessmen and institutions from the entire State aimed to strengthen the alliances in pro of the Coahuila economy.

The Conventions Center Expo Center Laguna was the place were attendees gathered and from an early hour the businessmen affiliated with CANACINTRA started to talk about business with networking tables, in which companies’ owners of any kind talked among them exchanging ideas and creating ties for future negotiations.  Such talks had a determining duration and businessmen rotated among tables periodically.

Later, with the arrival of the former State governor, Ruben Moreira Valdez, the opening of the event was formalized with the traditional ribbon cutting, where also gathered the presidents of the different CANACINTRA delegations.  Afterwards, the governor passed by each one of the more than 50 stands.

In the conference area they proceeded to welcomed to the event, as well as the presentation of authorities and guests.  Together with Ruben Moreira were the mayor of Torreon, Jorge Luis Moran Delgado; the CANACINTRA Torreon president, Javier Gonzalez Lara; the secretary of Economic Development, Competitiveness and Tourism, Jose Antonio Gutierrez Jardon; the chief of Mexico Negotiation before the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA,) Kennet Patrick Smith; Enoch Castellanos, National CANACINTRA Treasurer and Marco Duran Flores, delegate of the Ministry of Economy.

“The objective of our first Interdelegations Convention where all State regions participate, is to know each other and for them to know that businessmen inside Coahuila we have everything to do business.  For us as industrials is a pride to create this first meeting that will be rotary each year in any of our delegations,” said Javier Gonzalez, president of CANACINTRA Torreon.

While, Enoch Castellanos said some words on behalf of the CANACINTRA national president Enrique Guillen Mondragon.

“This is an opportunity to integrate the different regions of Coahuila.  It is a wide State and the dynamics it has had took it to be the first exporter of all kind of transportation and to receiving a great amount of investment,” said Castellanos.

“However, as we know, there are challenges as the current negotiation of the NAFTA, which obligates us to turn into our internal market.  We have faith in continue with the Free Trade Agreement, nevertheless we have to diversify alternatives of economic development in the State,” said the national treasurer of CANACINTRA.

On the other hand, the former governor Ruben Moreira emphasized the collaboration of all regions for the State’s growth during his period, which concluded on December.

Regarding the NAFTA negotiations, Ruben Moreira highlighted “when my administration started we were the third exporter State and today we are the second; and we depend of exporting a lot, and our main customers are the United States and Canada, our main partners are also the United States and Canada, likely our main allies and they (American and Canadian businessmen) want the NAFTA to continue.”

“We (USA, Mexico and Canada) do not compete among us, but we are partners and compete with other regions in the world and what the consumer wants is a good, inexpensive and authentic product, that is why this kind of events is useful to join forces and continue competing together,” he ended.

Then, there was the official launching of the “Proudly from Coahuila” (“Orgullosamente Coahuilense”) brand, to promote national and internationally the products made in the State and afterwards Kennet Patrick Smith presented his talk about the renegotiation carried out with the United States and Canada in the NAFTA fifth stage.

The event took place without setbacks on November 15th and 15th with the Networking negotiation tables, in addition of the presentation of different conferences in the Suppliers Development Panel, where businessmen from companies as Tupy, Grupo Penoles, LALA and Soriana participated with their respective round of questions and answers.

Finally, Javier Gonzalez was satisfied when exceeding the expectations of the Interdelegations Convention CANACINTRA Coahuila 2017.  “At this event gather together about 400 companies and with this was fulfilled the objective of having a networking system, where we know what we are manufacturing, what we are buying as State.  Expectations were exceeded, this is the beginning of an achievement, but for that we have to provide continuity,” noted the president of CANACINTRA Torreon Delegation.