The American company manufactures products for GM, Nissan and Ford

GHSP México S.A. de C.V. is an American company settled in Saltillo since 2006 and it is dedicated to the manufacturing of speed lever for the automotive sector.

Founded in 1926 in Grand Heaven, Michigan, United States; GHSP has 1,800 workers, from which 270 belong to their plant in Coahuila.  They also have branches in Grand Heaven and Hard, Michigan, as well as design and manufacturing operations in China.

“GHSP is a supplier leader in technological solutions of design and gear shift production.  At the Saltillo plant we manufacture levers for Ford, Nissan and General Motors, those are mechanical lever, electro-mechanic lever and electronic lever,” said Jaime Edmundo Hernandez del Real, plant manager at Saltillo.

“The purpose of our company is to enrich people’s life through technology and GHSP vision is to be globally recognized as technological solutions supplier,” he added.

Within the range of products which include 19 different levers models for companies such as Ford, General Motors and Nissan, their main product is a shift lever through a rotation system for the vehicle Ford Fusion which recently was a contender for Pace awards, for technological solutions in the automotive world as one of the finalists.  As well as another new star product entering the electric buttoning for GM vehicles, Terrain and Equinox.

GHSP exports approximately 85 % of its products abroad, while the remaining 15 % stays for the national market.

“We export almost to the entire world, to the United States, Spain, Romania, Poland, Italy, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Brazil and Venezuela,” said the plant manager.

Within the objectives they have settled, is to grow in a term no longer than 10 years.  “The goal for 2028 is to growth 20 % and in sales volume to increase 100 % for 2028, we are growing approximately from 40 million dollars per year to 100 or 120 million dollar in 2028, as well as a medium term objective is to establish a clean room aimed to serve an electronic production line, anticipating the technological needs of tomorrow,” he noted.

Within the regulations a large company needs, GHSP has different certifications supporting them as a serious and responsible company.

“We have the ISO TS, IATF 16949 certification, and we are in the process of being certified on June, as well as the ISO 14000, by having a very strict control regarding wastes, the use of electric power and reducing about 5 % the use of wastes,” explained Jaime Edmundo Hernandez.

In addition, GHSP Saltillo has different distinctive that support them as one of the most competitive in the market, as besides being awarded with recognitions, it has important nominations.

“We have received awards from Ford, which is the Q1 award, we have been finalists regarding quality with Nissan globally, and we are nominated for the Suppliers’ Excellence Award from GM for 2018 based on the results from 2017,” he detailed. 

Within the advantages the American company has found to settle in Mexico, especially in the southeast region of Coahuila, Jaime Edmundo said that the main reasons were the workforce quality, since 95 % of the employees are from Saltillo, Ramos Arizpe and Arteaga.

“One of the main reasons was the workforce availability, as well as the excellent performance mechatronics engineers have, we have 21 specialized engineers,” he ended.


For the company, not only the environment is fundamental, but also the community’s wellbeing, since GHSP has a community stakeholders group that with altruist activities that include society.