The creation of the National and International Investments Attraction Committee brings a brainstorming

The Comarca Lagunera faces an important year in the industrial sector, since it needs to consolidate a good project with a great investment to continue increasingly growing, and before this, a group of businessmen saw an opportunity area to be exploited, therefore last month was announced the creation of the National and International Investments Attraction Committee of La Laguna 2018, leaded by Jose Luis Hotema, president of the Automotive Cluster in such area.


AS Hotema mentioned in the committee presentation, its objective is to unify efforts among businessmen, communication means, municipal and state authorities from Coahuila and Durango, aimed to work in one direction in pro of the La Laguna region, which will include the Coahuila cities of Torreon, Matamoros, San Pedro de las Colonias and Francisco I. Madero, as well as the Durango municipalities of Gomez Palacio, Lerdo and Mapimi.

Among the sectors seek to be benefited with the creation of the committee are the automotive, aerospace, metal-mechanic, manufacturing, agro-industrial, as well as the energetic.  One of the methods to encourage these sectors is to advertise La Laguna as a single unit, this means, including Coahuila and Durango.

One of the options to attract global companies OEMS, Tier 1 and 2 seeking to expand their operations is to have qualified personnel, which is strength for the Comarca, but according to Hotema, the best way of making potential investors know, is to create a visitors programs to companies.

“We have to accompany the companies at every moment for them to feel clothed and keep a more friendly relation with them, that at the end is something investors take pretty much into account, make them part of the area,” said Jose Luis Hotema.

Another proposal mentioned by the president of the Automotive Cluster is the elaboration of a directory of current and future industrial parks that include all cities from Coahuila and from Durango.

A fundamental part of the formal union planned between both entities is to work with the support of offices such as the Ministry of Economy, ProMexico, the Ministries of Economic Development and Tourism, and the directions of Economic Development on each one of the cities.  Specialized communication means such as Mexico Industry will also have an important role in the project.



Thanks to the initiative of fulfilling an Automotive Expo in Torreon, the Automotive Cluster La Laguna has achieved to collect important information from companies interested in knowing more about the area in order to eventually make the decision of invest.

Another strength La Laguna has is that it is part of the Northern Industrial Corridor, therefore it is important to continue meeting with officials and businessmen from the other regions that form such route, aiming to reach agreements that keep the corridor as one of the most attractive routes in the country.

In order to rise to the level of the great industrial zones worldwide, it is necessary to have a Training and Skills Development Plans, together with Centers of Innovation and Research Development, implementation of artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing 4.0 that strengthens the different industrial sectors.

Hotema emphasized in the creation of industrial nurseries centers, since the role of rotation in companies is fundamental in the decision making of investors, thus keeping employees comfortable in companies is fundamental to having a good image abroad.

Subsequently, businessmen and officials from Coahuila and Durango, exchanged proposals and points of view and all agreed that it is time to join efforts in working for a common good that benefits the entire Comarca Lagunera.

It is expected that the members of the National and International Investments Attraction Committee of La Laguna will soon meet to implement the strategies and fine-tune the execution of the plan.