One of the most representative companies in the southeast region of Coahuila this decade has been the tract trucks assembler Daimler Saltillo Plant, since it started operations in 2009, with an initial investment of 300 million dollars, they have intended more than 400 million dollars for their growth, to have a comprehensive workforce of about 3,500 workers, an extension of 142,000 square meters and six truck assembly areas, which turns it in one of the most productive plants not only in the State, but in the country.

Within the framework of the tenth anniversary of Daimler Saltillo Plant, Jeff Allen, vice-president of operations at Daimler Trucks North America, remembered when the company decided for Coahuila as the best destination for their investment, they trusted their decision, but now, ten years later, confirm that Coahuila has unmatched conditions for companies willing to invest and grow in Mexico.

In his message, the directive said that Daimler will continue investing in their plant in Saltillo, and that will also require the continuous investment of infrastructure around.  He added that the path Saltillo is following, their company has a bright and prosper future.

Likewise, he thanked the State for the fact of daily working for a better Coahuila, and for thinking about workers when thinking on improving the regional infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Miguel Angel Riquelme, governor of Coahuila, reiterated his compliments to Daimler workers for these 10 years, in which they have undertaken great competitiveness in Coahuila.

The state official remembered that when promoting abroad employment, Daimler is the first reference, as well as when they boast a qualified workforce, they talk about this company workers.

“This has caused us to continue having job generation because thanks to Daimler today Coahuila is a national example,” assured Riquelme Solis, who reasserted his commitment to continue working with Daimler, and he wishes for when the company thinks about growing, they will be thinking in Coahuila.



Since the beginning of their operation, in 2009 and until the end of May this year, Daimler Saltillo Plant has manufactured more than 400,000 tractor trucks Cascadia, ensign vehicle of Freightliner, in fact, it was in May 2019 at 16:00 hours when the 400 thousand units were produced at the Saltillo Plant of Daimler Trucks Mexico.

In 2018, the complex reached the maximum figure in their history, with a production of 55,952 vehicles.

Only last year, Saltillo Plant received from the former president of the country, Enrique Pena Nieto, the National Quality Award 2017, in the Manufacturing classification, for their excellence and innovation culture in vehicles manufacturing of international standard.

The recognition to their operation has expanded to the regional and international market, as it was awarded for three consecutive years with the Copa Presidente (2015, 2016 and 2017,) award granted to the plant with the best quality inside grupo Daimler Trucks of North America.

While globally, in 2017 it was distinguished as the Best Plant inside the organization within the commercial vehicles segment, which locates Mexican workforce among the highest quality indicators.

The virtuous circle that Daimler Saltillo Plant has created together with its collaborators, is reflected in the current ranking of The Best Companies to Work, of Great Place to Work, and that this year located Daimler Trucks in number 11 position, and as the best Manufacturing and Production Company in Mexico.  These distinctions reflect the high commitment the corporate has with its internal talent.

This celebration was also attended by Flavio Rivera, president and CEO of Daimler Vehiculos Comerciales Mexico; George Ferro, director of Daimler Saltillo Plant; Marcela Barreiro, legal director of Daimler; Stephany de Mendieta, director of Internal Affairs and Public Policies; Joel Rojas, manager of Government Affairs; as well as Manolo Jimenez Salinas mayor of Saltillo.