Daimay Automotive Interior is a Chinese company located at FINSA Industrial Park in Ramos Arizpe dedicated to vehicles interior manufacturing of all types.
In Daimay are leaders in visors production, in addition of headers, armrests and roof console, among other cars interior parts.
Founded in 1989 in Shanghai,  China; Daimay currently has about 6,000 employees worldwide, 1,200 workers belong to Ramos Arizpe Plant, which has an extension of 250,000 square feet.

“We are the first plant in Mexico for Daimay, with distribution centers in Silao and Baja California.  There are other four plants in Shanghai and another one in France,” said Leopoldo Correa, North America operations director for Daimay Automotive Interior.

The Chinese company executive said that about 80 % of products manufactured in Ramos Arizpe are exported to the United States, while 2 % is addressed for local market and the rest is sent mainly to Europe, to countries such as Russia, Germany, and France among other vehicle producers’ countries.  Among its customers are some renowned customers.
“Basically we work with all assembler companies, General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Volkswagen, among others,” he said.


By mid-2018, Daimay acquired the company Motus Integrated Technologies, to begin manufacturing operations in the American continent, starting a story that includes the generation of three plants in Ramos Arizpe.

“This was the acquisition of an existing company which was our competitor: Motus, who decided to sell the company; acquire it became a unique opportunity for Daimay, besides the workforce, it was an ideal location to arrive in Mexico and North America,” said Leopoldo Correa.

One of the main reasons to settle the acquisition was human capital in the state, as well as the geographical advantages offered by Coahuila’s Southeast Region.
“Definitely it is highly qualified workforce, used to assembly and the automotive rhythm, another reason was to take advantage of border and assemblers closeness, those are the main factors why we decided to settle our next plants here (Ramos Arizpe,)” he said.


Recently began the construction of a second Daimay plant in Ramos Arizpe, consolidating their stay in Coahuila and guaranteeing larger production of automotive interiors.
“In a short term we are building a second plant here in Ramos Arizpe, in FINSA, which will be focused in armrest and headers, that plant will be starting operations in August this year,” said the directive of the Chinese company.

“In a medium or long term, we have thought having a third plant, focused on manufacturing roof consoles,” he added.
One of the challenges the automotive industry is currently facing is customers’ demands, changes to which Daimay has adapted and taken as a growth opportunity.
“Sales have been solid, as we basically work with all vehicles, lately in the automotive industry has been a trend to disappear automobiles (sedan, compact, subcompact and hatchback) and the market is moving towards SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle,) but as we have both, we do not resent in much the changes on trends,” explained the directive.


Daimay has certifications required by the automotive Industry, such as ISO, Q1 with Ford, City Pad, what has taken them to be awarded with prizes from customers such as Subaru, Ford and GM.

In terms of sustainability, Daimay is a company contributing to the environment by reducing as much as possible the amount of wastes.
“We work a lot in raw material recovery, if we cannot use them for the same process because the industry or specifications of customer do not allow it, we try to rearrange, resale that material to not dispose it,” ended the coo North America for Daimay.