Daimay Automotive Interior is a company founded in China more than 30 years ago; in July 2018 it settled in Ramos Arizpe and it is in charge of manufacturing interior parts for the automotive industry.


With 850 employees and an extension of 300,000 square operative feet, Daimay, plant in Ramos Arizpe, located at the FINSA Industrial Park, is the first high manufacturing factory in the continent seeking to satisfy their customers’ needs in America.


Their main products are visors, in which they are world leaders, in addition of headers, armrests and ceiling consoles, among other interiors of cars.


Quality is the main reason that took Daimay to invest in Mexico, especially in the Southeast Region of Coahuila, thus was announced by Cesar Reyes, plant manager.


“Quality and productivity of people in Mexico, in addition of its proximity with their customers in America (the United States, Mexico and Brazil) makes it a strategic location,” he explained.


Among the products manufactured in Coahuila, currently, visors are produced for different vehicles, but he said that they have in mind to expand their product range soon.


“Currently, we manufacture visors, but in an upcoming future we will be manufacturing headers, armrests and ceiling consoles, which is what the company manufactures globally,” he detailed additionally revealing expansion plans.


“We arrive to stay, the building is of our own and we are thinking in expansion plans for the upcoming year.  We are currently 850 employees and by the middle next year we will exceed 1,000 employees,” he added.


Their products are mainly exported to the American market, as well as Brazil, both countries hoard 70 % of the production volume, while the remaining 30 % is addressed to the local market, in Mexico.


Customers such as Honda, Toyota, Ford, Subaru and BMW make Daimay reaching strongly the American continent, while for the Asian and European market provide service for other assemblers from China.


“We have established a long term relation with the assemblers: General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Peugeot, Nissan, Renault, among other leading brands in China,” he said.


Regarding workforce in the State, Cesar Reyes explained that it was another reason for Chinese investors look at Coahuila and in addition assures it is 100 % recommendable


“I will recommend the qualified workforce we have, not only direct which is excellent and productive, but we also have experience in robotics and advanced manufacturing.  The region has been kind with the company in personnel terms and we also would like to give back society by contributing with long term work and fulfilling activities for mutual benefit,” he said.


“We have promoted ourselves as a first class supplier in China with world presence, facing the increasing demand of automotive components from around the world, establishing branches in North America, Europe and South Korea, fulfilling the requirements from customers and now with the new plant in Ramos Arizpe, it will continue growing,” he added.



Automotive components manufacturer that integrates customer service, design, products development, manufacturer, sales and quality control, among others, Daimay has more than 10,000 employees around the world.


In addition of producing headers, armrests and ceiling consoles, among other interiors of cars, the Chinese company is in charge of developing most of the components of these products.


“Our experience in the integration and specialization has encouraged us to internally manufacture the main components, for example metallic stampings, EPP hearts, thermal treatments, pipe processing, chrome plating, fabric lamination, sewing, polyurethane for headers, electronic LED light tablets, as well as all related plastic parts,” detailed directives of the company, who added that manufacturing such components generate a “solid base for success within a very competitive market by improving quality, reduce times and costs, responding promptly to the customer.”



Having the capability of working with different customers since initial phases of research and development is one of the strengths of Daimay Automotive Interior, since it facilitates the production process.


“Our experience also keeps us in a leadership position.  Since the beginning we have invested in research and development, standing out as leaders in technology.  Part of our success is to be involved from the design stamp with the assemblers including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Volkswagen,” said Cesar Reyes, plant manager.


Regarding certifications, quality and continuous excellence is part of Daimay philosophy, since they have a quality system under the standard of IATF 16949.  Having also a testing laboratory, equipment with processes and reliable inspection methods.


“We assure all of our products have a leadership place and as result we have received awards as Global Featured Supplier, GM; Class A Supplier, of VW; Chrysler Strategic Provider; Q1 certification, from Ford; Outstanding Faurecia Provider, among others,” he said.


While in sustainability and environment terms, Cesar Reyes underlined that the Ramos Arizpe plant has the ISO 14001 certification and that the company fulfills activities to favor ecology.


“We have a reforested area in the back where employees plant trees and take care of them, in addition to fulfilling all environmental regulations,” he concluded.



China's importance within global industry is huge and growing.  Several economic indicators confirm this and that is why the governor of Coahuila, Miguel Angel Riquelme, traveled to China at the end of October to close deals in the energy and manufacturing sector.


The Coahuila delegation visited Beijing and Yan Shu, the last point where the state leader was a special guest.


Riquelme underlined that for second consecutive time, the Chinese government invited the Coahuila delegation to the tour, a situation he used to list all the attractions that the entity has.


“Coahuila has a lot to offer such as security, qualified workforce, the land in places really strategic, which enters the field of solar and wind power energy, because it has the largest park in America,” he said.  In addition to the Southeast Region, La Laguna and Central Regions also have potential.


Today, Chinese economy is industrial and it is well integrated to the international economy, and there are many elements in which the high growth of production is founded, of foreign trade and the high productivity rates, savings and investment of the Chinese economy, initiating the arrival of companies from that country to industrial regions such as Coahuila.