Coahuila industry benefits from renewable energies growth  

Coahuila has become a very attractive territory in energy generation from solar storage or wind power, this obeys to different factors, but the most important is that companies consider that those are most appropriate lands where the wind flows permanently, what enables clean or renewable energy generation.

According to data provided by the State Government, the entity is number 1 in installed capacity for solar energy production nationwide, since studies establish that Coahuila has a solar radiation potential of 5.4 kilowatts per hour over square meter, higher than the national average.

Rogelio Montemayor, expert in the energy sector, president of the Energy Cluster Coahuila, broke down strengths and reasons why renewable energy large firms take our State into account to install.

“Coahuila offers too many advantages that provide competitiveness to the development of large projects, among which can be mentioned the wind power and solar highly useful in different areas of the State.  La Laguna and dessert have high levels of solar radiation; while the Southeast and North are areas with considerable wind speed,” he explained.

Other factors mentioned by Montemayor are “the opening and support from authorities in matter of processes management and investment attraction, as well as the proximity of important industrial complexes, electric infrastructure still with transmission capacity and opening to negotiation from land owners.”

Detailing the characteristics of every type of renewable energy, Montemayor considers them comparable, since their projects generate good dividends.

“In solar technology as well as in wind power are generated important revenues in supply and job generation matters, since those are projects that require qualified personal for its maintenance, in a horizon of 30 years.  From a social point of view, both technologies usually have favorable opinions,” he detailed.




In Viesca, Coahuila, is been built the referent of renewable spaces in America, as the solar park Villanueva, in charge of the company Enel Green Power Mexico is an ambitious project of large territorial dimensions, since it will be the largest in the continent and the second one worldwide.

The investment of this project, located in the ejido Villanueva, de Viesca, is of 649.27 million dollars and 3 million solar panels will be installed in a surface of 2,700 hectares, to generate 1,700 gigavatios per hour a year.  This equals to the energy consumption of more than 1.3 million homes.

“This allows other large companies to see the state of Coahuila as a location with potential to develop their projects, since we have the conditions that favor its profitability; therefore it arouses interest to building similar parks and with that attract important investment,” said Rogelio Montemayor.




About Viesca, recently more solar parks projects have been approved, restating that Coahuila is a privileged land for the generation of green energies.  One of them is the Andalucia II Solar Park, of Spanish capital, which will be located in the ejido Benito Juarez, inside the municipality of Matamoros.  The Park will be built over a surface of more than 265 hectares, where 240,000 solar panels will be installed and the firm Energia Solar de Poniente will be the one financing it.

A few minutes from the Andalucia II plant, the Coahuila Solar Park start functioning, installed in the ejido Noacan.  Such park was built in a surface of 45 hectares, where 7,740 photovoltaic modules were installed, representing an investment of 600 million pesos.

More into the north, in the municipality of Sierra Mojada, are observed the Hercules 1 and 2 Solar Parks, which are in environmental processing with SEMARNAT. 

While it is assessed the installation of the General Cepeda Solar Park, some kilometers from Saltillo.  The investment of this last one sums 3,225 million pesos, in charge of the firm Mexico Lindo Solar.  It is anticipated that the plant will have an installed generation capacity of 153.000 megawatts.

Regarding wind power plants, last year the first wind power park was opened in Coahuila, located in the ejido Hipolito, in the limits of the municipality of Ramos Arizpe and General Cepeda.

On the other hand, in Acuna was announced the investment of 700 million dollars for the construction of three new wind power plants.

The plants that will be built are Amistad II and Amistad III, which will have an installed capacity of 100 megawatts each; as well as Amistad IV, with a capacity of 140 megawatts.  These projects will be added to the Amistad plant, which started its construction in 2017.

Luis Humberto Ruiz, agricultural attorney in the entity, explained that due to the gas Shale exploitation is was stopped in the region, they are betting on renewable energies.  “We are also seeking to establish a wind production plant for energy in Viesca; in addition there are two wind power projects for Nava.”

He added that they are turning to see renewable energies as solar energy production farms and wind parks while they retake the Gas Shale project.

“We have been working close to the mining-oil cluster, we have the function of providing advisory to communal lands holders, we are working together with them, right now it has been held back due to oil pricing, gas extraction resulted expensive, therefore an alternative are renewable energies,” he concluded.

While, Paolo Romannac, general director for Mexico and Central America from Enel Green Power, highlighted in one of his visits to Coahuila lands, when they installed in Mexico about a decade ago, suitable sites were sought for the installation of solar and wind power parks, and Coahuila fulfilled all those technical and professional requirements, reason why the decision was made to be installed in Viesca, Ramos Arizpe and Ciudad Acuna.

He mentioned that as a sustainable company, they use local workforce, in addition of encouraging the economic development of the communities where they are investing.



Rogelio Montemayor detailed the advantages renewable energies offer, as well as the potential solutions for completely covering our needs in the future.

“The biggest advantage is the access to the primary resource without cost, which are sun and wind.  The speed, with which technology has improved, has allowed reducing generation costs and therefore, makes more these technologies more competitive.  As well as less environmental and social impact regarding other kind of technologies,” he emphasized.



Rogelio Montemayor is not only an experienced voice, but he is also participative in the energy path of the State, as he directs a cluster looking towards the future.

“At the Energy Cluster Coahuila we fulfill activities that allow strengthening the State conditions and of the regions where we participate, in order to develop energy projects efficiently, with the objective of communities take ownership of the biggest possible economic revenue,” he said.

“For that we support the entire project development chain, from Green Field stages to its construction.  Among our activities are: the location of property lands with wind power and solar resource, negotiation with owners, as well as the approach of potential offtakers; moreover we bring local suppliers closer and support in the fulfillment of social and environmental impact. In matters of local processes management, we have the support of state and local authorities to ease the processes and avoid delays in administrative processes,” he ended.