Arising from the competitive advantages that offers the business sector on the five regions of the state, Coahuila achieved to position as one of the entities with the highest sustained growth in 2018, leading the national list of several sectors that turns it in one of the main destinations for the arrival of foreign investments.

The department in which Coahuila stood out the most in 2018 was the foreign direct investment per capita, where it positions on first place, before states like Aguascalientes, Nuevo Leon, Mexico City and Baja California Sur.  In 2018, were recorded 2,450.5 million dollars in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI.)  With this, Coahuila locates nationally as the number 3 state in the arrival of flows from abroad, only behind Mexico City and Nuevo Leon.

This growth translates in better opportunities and quality life, since it serves as base for more companies chose Coahuila every day to bring their projects, the safe environment and labor peace, explained Jaime Guerra, secretary of Economy.

“Coahuila has higher national and international recognition that benefits all its inhabitants.  More companies consider our State as the main destination to invest,” he said.

One of the most important automotive clusters in the country, qualified workforce, geographic location, a first level infrastructure with a wide suppliers’ network are some of the factors which according to Jose Luis Hotema, president of the Automotive Cluster La Laguna, made Coahuila position in the top of entities with the highest investment attraction and the arrival of new companies.

“It is because of its geographic location which is near the United States, that it is a market to which everyone would like to have access and that Coahuila has great human capital capability in the automotive issue, aerospace, metal-mechanic, among other sectors,” he said.

CAL directive classified 2018 as a positive year, as good results were achieved despite solving the USMCA until the end of the year, therefore he anticipates a better 2019 where investments arrive with more certainty.

“2018 was positive, since that year we signed the new Free Trade Agreement, presidential elections in Mexico were given and these factors kept some investments from North American and Asian companies on a stand by, therefore it is expected that in 2019 more agreements are settled for Coahuila,” he assured.



Supporting the aforementioned, during 2018 commercial missions were fulfilled to Korea, three times to China, as well as to England, Germany, Canada and Israel, where unique promotions opportunities were used, which generated the confidence of business groups that decided to invest in Coahuila.

33 productive investments were achieved with a total amount of 2,145.6 million dollars, from which 1,439 are new projects and 706.6 belong to established companies’ expansions.  So far this year 48,115 formal jobs have been generated, record figure in Coahuila.

The municipalities where higher investors capital was injected are Ramos Arizpe, with almost 500 million dollars, followed by Parras de la Fuente, touristic city considered “magic town” (pueblo magico,) which on recent times has showed an exponential growth from the manufacturing industry, it received a total investment of 370 million dollars.

While Nava, municipality located at the northern part of the state, saw reflected 260 million dollars, same figure registered in the bordering municipality of Acuna.  Meanwhile, General Cepeda, Saltillo and Matamoros ended the year with investments higher than 100 million dollars.

The arrival of companies translates in a higher requirement of spaces addressed to manufacturing activities, therefore 2018 ended with a total of 75 industrial parks throughout the State, being the southeast region the one that has more installed, with 36 followed by the Central region, with 16; and La Laguna region with 14.  Adding a total of 9,101 industrial units established in Coahuila.

According with the last data reported by INEGI, Coahuila had an export volume of 39,395.986 million dollars.  It participates in national exports with 11.26 % and is the second State that exports the most, a step behind Chihuahua and in front of Baja California, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas and Guanajuato.



Another action from the public and private sectors that had led Coahuila to the highest indicators in 2018 are in the linkage and competitiveness sectors, where stands out the settling of the Council on Competitiveness in Coahuila.

In addition, was executed the Stimulus to Innovation Program, through which have been supported 30 companies with 122.1 million pesos.



Currently and according to figures from the National Statistical Directory from Economic Units 2018 from INEGI, Coahuila has 107,172 business units, from which 99 % belong to MSMEs.

“We settled the State Council for Competitiveness Development of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, which is created to analyze, identify and propose support measures to monitor, encourage and ensure the interests of this entrepreneurial sector.  30 trainings were held and we achieved the training of 967 companies and entrepreneurs from the five regions of the State,” said Jaime Guerra Perez, secretary of Economy.

Though this program is sought to increase companies’ competitiveness, by accessing more and better economic wellbeing opportunities, personal and professional, and to new national and international markets, generating thus new development perspectives.

One of the most important strategies of this program is Coahuila Innovation 4.0, which is based on the linkage Company-Academy-Government to create the first Center for Industrial Innovation Coahuila 4.0, aimed to encourage the economic development on this highly competitive trend as an entity which is part of Innovation 4.0.

“We began the program trainings to 30 professors from the Instituto Tecnologico de Saltillo, 15 representatives from CANACINTRA Coahuila Sureste and five officials from this Ministry.  Additionally, the program considers other four strategies: Coahuila Triple C (training, certification and competitiveness,) MSME Digital, MSME Grows (finance program) and Coahuila Award to Operational Excellence,” ended Jaime Guerra.