100 years of greatness

It has 30,546 collaborators only in the state of Chihuahua thus was recognized as the largest employer in the State


Lear Corporation was founded in August 1917 in Detroit, Michigan.  It was named after William Lear, who started repairing radios on his house until creating commercial radios for cars, what will turn in Motorola, in addition of creating Lear Jets, first company in manufacture a luxury airplane; however, its original entity was American Metal Products, company dedicated to the manufacture of steel tubular assemblies for the automotive and aircraft industries which later would be acquired by Lear Siegler in 1966.


In the 70’s the first aluminum structure for seats without welding and the production of completely upholstered seats for the most important automobile manufacturers was introduced.  At the beginning of the 80’s the seats business established the concept “Just in Time” and reduced inventory and transportation costs.  In May 1996 changed its name to Lear Corporation and in 1999 bought UTA.  In 2012 Lear acquired Guilford Performance Textiles.  In 2015 it acquired Eagle Ottawa, the largest leather supplier for the automotive industry worldwide.  The same year new opportunities were added to the business such as Autonet Mobile, Arada Systems and Accumed.


Lear Corporation is ranked 151 in the Fortune Global 500 listing, with 18.6 trillion dollars in sales until 2016.  It is a seats global supplier which includes premium leather, textiles, metallic structures and distribution systems of automotive electric power, including high power hybrid systems and electric components.  They manufacture products for more than 400 vehicles brands around the world.


Currently they are present in 38 countries, in America, Europe, Africa and Asia, with 257 locations and a diverse team of more than 150,000 employees.  In Mexico it has 42 plants in 11 states, with a workforce of more than 50,000 employees.  It has 30,546 collaborators only in the state of Chihuahua thus was recognized as the largest employer in the State.


During 2017 Lear has fulfilled the opening of two plants, one in Zacatecas from seats division, and one in Matamoros from E-Systems division and expanded other plants because of growth and business acquisition in different cities.


In 2017 Lear will be reaching 100 years and during this time it has demonstrated that it not only has built big manufacture buildings, but also has built together with its people, dreams, opportunities and life plans for its collaborators.  Lear has a long history of success based in putting its people and clients first, the excellence in manufacture, and a family culture for its employees and the support for the communities with it has businesses.  It is guided by a set of fundamental values developed through its history.


At this important moment of its history, Lear is in the most solid competitive position of the history and is well positioned for future success.  In addition, Lear has the correct vision, a balanced strategy to deliver higher value and the best team in the industry.  There could not be a better moment to celebrate 100 years of greatness and opportunities, as only few companies have reached a centenary.  Lear is in the middle of the biggest change and opportunity it has experienced, is very well positioned to take advantage of the positive trends that are molding the future of the automotive industry.


Throughout this history, Lear has been a reference point for customer focus, operational excellence and community service.  A rich historical heritage, an evident legacy for the community and of the excellent performance it is currently offering.  To enhance the Lear Corporation centenary several events were fulfilled on each plant, mainly focused on the recreation of employees and their families, events such as fairs, picnics, races, recognition programs and t-shirts, buttons were delivered as well as countless promotional items.