It was founded in 2013 as a moral company but since 2011 it operated as physical.  It is Manufacturas Avanzadas Capacitaciones Servicios de Automatizacion, MACSA, is a company mainly dedicated to promote different services and products to the maquila industry in Juarez and worldwide.

Its initial activity was of consultancy.  The director, Juan Manuel Delgado, said that at the beginning MACSA offered ergonomics courses, lean manufacturing, and six sigma, among all those addressed to maquila.  They had a team of PhDs from the main local universities.

At a moment they bet on the machining sales, by acquiring a complete equipment of machining from other company, and from there they have grown.  Their products’ catalogue mainly includes machining, holdes, electric fixtures for harnesses industries, tooling and machinery equipment for medical industry, as well as stainless steel tables, testing benches and industrial welding.  Juan shares that there even years passes by for them to manufacture other product.

The director considers that the main advantages offered as suppliers are quality, delivery time and costs.  “We offer robotics and complete machines.  Our function is to go to the maquila, make complete analysis of production lines and offer an improvement.  For example, if the production line has 15 operators, we optimize the process to 6 people through robotic arms,” Juan said.

For this year they have two great projects.  The first one is a new plant: Macsa Automation, a new division dedicated to automation.  It will be of 1,000 m2, which implies a wide growth of the original plant which is of 1,500 m2.  The other project is an alliance to manufacture harnesses with a local maquila.

Macsa also has expansion plans.  Currently they fulfill business in the State’s capital; therefore the director considers to be expanded towards the city of Chihuahua.  Even a plant in the neighboring city is also a goal.  Juan fulfilled a master’s degree in international business with the idea of settling a branch in El Paso, Texas.

Despite its main customers have been maquilas located in the city, some of its products have been exported to plants from other countries, as China, India and Canada, through its customers.  “A satisfaction is that one of our customers asks for a machine, we manufacture it and deliver it here in Juarez, but that machine is exported to its sister plant in China or to other countries.  The same happens with other projects: different machines designed and manufactured with us, are already in different parts of the world,” the director explained.

The machine manufacturing process has several steps: Macsa visits the customer with the problematic, either he seeks to economize costs, improve quality or the company’s production.  Its process is studied and through some design different proposals are presented for them to be approved by the corporates.  Once the proposal is approved, the design and/or suitable software are worked.  Afterwards, the raw material is acquired with local suppliers, is transformed and manufactured for then integrate and validate it before delivering the machine to the customer.

It is important to mention that for Juan it is important that its suppliers are local, in order to support the local economy.  The director estimates that 90 % of its suppliers are local and that 10 % are American, due to that they are products and specialized matters.

Currently, the company is in process of the ISO 9000 certification, but it also has other related with safety, ergonomics, lean manufacturing, 5 S.  As all of its main customers are maquila industries that incorporate new technology, for Macsa is important to update and train its workers constantly.

The entire company’s personnel are Mexican.  For the director, the most value thing is the work team.  “Mexican cleverness has no limits, we always find the way to solve things in a practical and quicker manner,” he explained.

Finally, for the director the main value that rules the company is ethics.  Juan explains that he is always seeking to conduct honestly with his customers, mainly because most of them have been acquired by reference and direct recommendation.  This way, Juan considers that Macsa will continue growing in the country, offering their products and services to the industry.