From the local companies dedicated to medical devices, SEISA stands out for being a company that also develops and distributes, making highlight with its competition.  Operating since 1983, this company is strongly established in the country and in the state with the promise of a greater growth.

In exclusive interview for Mexico Industry, Santiago Medina, director of business development of the company, shared details of this industry.

At the beginning the company did not manufactured medical devices, it was dedicated to the manufacture of different products, but Julio Chiu, general director of the company, saw the potential of the medical devices industry, due to the relation the company had with one customer of that branch.  SEISA adopted the background and regulations of the processes required for this kind of products and since then they decided to focus on medical devices due to the great opportunity in the market and the acquired knowledge.

Currently, SEISA manufactures medical products class I, II and III as classified by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA.)  Their main product is the catheter, but there also are implantable devices, which are of high risk, since there is the possibility of rejection by the body, and assembling for feeding sets and baby care , among other medical device products.

Currently, more than 2,000 people work at this plant, among operative personnel, administrative and management.  It has 34 thousand square feet and additionally has a distribution center in El Paso, Texas.

It is worth noticing that SEISA, as corporate, has three plants worldwide: Slovakia, New Jersey (United States) and the Juarez plant, which is the manufacturing operations center.  The manufacturing process of these devices includes three services:
•    Plastic injection
•    Extrusion
•    Cutting processes
•    Assembly
•    Inspection and packaging processes

SEISA not only manufactures these devices, they also design products since the beginning, with specification requested by the customer.

SEISA as such does not have production lines, but production units:
1.     Implantable devices.  Class III devices.  This unit is a small plant inside the plant.
2.    General medical devices.  Class I and II devices.
3.    Plastics.  This unit consists in plastic injection. 
4.    Engineering, research and development.  This business unit is in charge of developing and designing new products.
SEISA has the required technology to fulfill its operations:
•    Extrusion
•    Plastic injection of different types and materials
•    Laser cutting processes
•    Nitinol management (material suitable for medical devices)

The plant is currently certified by FDA, ISO 13485 standard and CTPAT certification.
SEISA exports its products to Europe and the United States.  Their business unit is in those places, but they work together to seek opportunities in other parts of the world, although it is not an activity they actively perform.  Supplies for this plant come from everywhere: from the United States they obtain resins and plastics; from Canada, silicon; and from Ciudad Juarez, packages and instructions.

For Santiago Medina, Mexican workforce is good.  “We have technical engineers that resulted from the most operative levels.  They have trained and developed.  Mexican workforce is creative, proactive and like challenges and growing,” he underlined.

Additionally, depending on the area, they are trained according to it, but all employees undergo a basic training process when entering the company.
Although the company is not capable to reveal businesses, Santiago Medina shared that they have new projects and customers at the door with whom they are working in new business opportunities.  “This with the objective of bringing more businesses to Juarez,” he noted.

Finally, SEISA business director said that the company is adopting corporate responsibilities measures, mainly by employees, since they are the work basics.

Moreover, they said they had a strong commitment with the environment.  Currently they have a department to control any type of pollution according to valid Mexican standards.
“SEISA is growing.  We have new projects and acquisitions, such as the new plant in New Jersey.  We are eager to grow and attract more business to the city.  We are not seeking to take more work anywhere.  We are pushing the biomedical cluster subject, of which we are platinum member; these to improve the economic environment for the region,” ended Santiago Medina.

More information
Activity: medical devices
Products: catheters
Beginning of operations: 1983
Number of employees: 2000