The objective is to incorporate local companies in a global value chain

7th Expo MRO

The EXPO MRO aims to link users in the manufacturing industry, commercial area, services, distributors and suppliers in order to reduce costs and improve the operation of its operation.

In the seventh edition will be present visitors from southern New Mexico and Texas, United States; Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and the interior of Mexico. The exhibition is aimed at manufacturing plants, companies in the industrial, commercial and service sectors. There is a greater dynamism in the national industry and commerce that is taking advantage of the new opportunities of the domestic market which points to an economy diversification.

Expo Industrial at Shenzen, China

Members of Desarrollo Economico del Norte A. C. were in Shenzen, China, to learn about the culture, the methods of negotiation and the relationship that exists between buying and selling companies.

Following the experience in Asia, several meetings have been held with entrepreneurs from Ciudad Juarez to publicize the pros and cons of the relationship between Mexico and China, in the quest to promote the commercial relationship between both countries.

The commercial relationship with China is looking for new ways of development, so much that Qiu Xiaoqi, China's ambassador to Mexico, was recently in Ciudad Juarez to meet with businessmen and officials, where Hector Nunez was present, president of Desarrollo Economico del Norte A. C., stating his point of view.

The president of DENAC has emphasized the importance of the associativity of local companies, without having to depend solely on the governmental sector. “These development initiatives for the region are not government. Entrepreneurs must take responsibility for development in Ciudad Juarez.”

Carlos Yates, director of ProMexico in the State of Chihuahua

“One of the most important aspects for the development of the export manufacturing industry is the supply. The State of Chihuahua currently provides 3 % to the industry, compared to the state of Nuevo Leon that provides 18 %. That is why it is important to recognize the hard work that Hector Nunez has developed for many years, a great business leader who has bet that the State of Chihuahua will increase the local supply to the manufacturing industry, because it would come today is the piece Key to incorporate local entrepreneurs into the value chain. We must develop our own suppliers and Hector Nunez has done a great job, who also visited China with an agenda made by ProMexico and was attended by the counselor in Shanghai to continue promoting the State of Chihuahua in the world,” Commented Carlos Yates, ProMexico State director.

Humberto Alvarez, director of economic development of Ciudad Juarez

“Expo MRO is a very important event for the industry in Ciudad Juarez; it serves to promote the products and services offered by the city and also to do business. But one of the main objectives of this event is to promote local supply; this is a subject of great importance for the region. Hector Nunez, president of Desarrollo Economico del Norte A. C., with this initiative reaffirms its commitment in searching which of the local companies can provide to the industry maquiladora and thus generate greater economic pledge and better jobs. It is an event well positioned in Mexico and in the southern United States; every year more public, more company’s suppliers, more buying companies and important personalities attend. Even in difficult times for the city, the Expo MRO gave a positive image of Juarez, “said Humberto Alvarez, general director of Economic Development of the Municipality of Ciudad Juarez.

Participating sectors

Automation, material handling, maintenance and calibration, industrial safety products and systems, packing, transportation, uniforms, tags, adhesives, digital marketing, communications, training, software, stamping, plastic injection, machined, stationery, prototypes, engineering services, printing, re-works, medical services, cafeteria and personnel transportation, equipment and products for repairs.