Eaton Omega plant fulfilled an expansion in their plant to extend the production work, especially in the paint dual-line, with an investment of 8.7 million dollars.


Emmanuel Ibarra Gonzalez Cossio, plant manager of CRDS, shared that the expansion answers the high national and international production of the plant.


The manager explained that, besides this investment, Eaton has invested 32 million dollars in the region.


“The need to expand responds to a company strategy to offer high-quality products to the United States center and west plants, which are one of the current expansion areas spots worldwide,” he shared.


At the new Eaton facilities, a line based on electrostatic dust paint will be worked. There will be 200 new jobs created in total for this new operation.


The director shared that two years ago they were annually producing 15 million pounds of steel products, last year 30, this year they are producing 36 million and the goal is that for mid-2020 they will be producing 40 million.


This expansion is part of a five years strategic plan.  They started investing in the plant three years ago with an initial expansion of 24,000, then another one of 58 and the third one of 50,000.


“We did not only expanded capability, but we brought new high technology and forefront equipment for steel cutting. Besides, robotized automatic welding machines, automatic benders where there is no ergonomic risk. With the dual paint line, they are capable of running 15 feet per minute, against the others present in the market which are of 11. Likewise, we have a capability of improving greenhouse gas effects, with the settling of high-efficiency cabins,” ended the manager.