Through this agreement, priority will be given to local businesses in Juarez so that they can grow


The National Chamber of the Transformation Industry in Ciudad Juarez, headed by Raul de Leon, held a meeting with Jesus Martin Lopez, head of the promotion and linking project of CAST CONALEP, where they announced the continuity of the agreement between both institutions, to train and strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial sector in Juarez.


“CAST has a great variety of trainings to offer to the industry. These trainings will be held at CANACINTRA Juarez facilities, but depending on the volume of attendees we will look for a new location to offer these services,” said Raul de Leon, president of CANACINTRA Juarez.


The objective of this agreement is to support small and medium-sized enterprises. CAST, as a CONALEP division, was created to strengthen the industry through training services. In addition to offering graduates who volunteer to the community for vulnerable youth who do not have the opportunity to pursue a career; thanks to these graduates, young people can improve their skills and prove their knowledge to obtain a better job.


“The agreement will strengthen companies that, due to their personnel volume, cannot afford a closed or exclusive course, which is how it is generally handled. In this case we will organize open courses for people from different companies in the industrial sector, and so each company can send one or two technicians. This way, companies will have the facilities to cover their expenses and, above all, to have the better trained personnel,” said Jesus Martin Lopez, head of CAST CONALEP's promotion and liaison project.


The CAST representative mentioned that currently they are collaborating with the Advanced Manufacture Cluster in Chihuahua and with the Artificial Intelligence Cluester.  In addition to highlight the agreements with Robert Bosch company regarding dual education, what benefits students.


Finally, Raul de Leon commented that they are also working issues of finance such as FIDEAPECH, in order for local companies to promote their growth.