Two common characteristics of the Juarez Industry are quality and the employee’s security.  Continuously, maquilas invest millions of pesos in offering products and qualities services and in improve their employee’s safety conditions.  However, from all companies of the industrial sector highlights one that adopts these two aspects inside its daily activities: InterAmerica Management de Mexico, which activity is the service of industrial diners.  This supplier is consolidated in the region and committed more than ever in guaranteeing the hygiene, seasoning and quality in their customer’s food.


Founded in 1992, the company emerges from an intoxication episode due to the improper handling in foods from local industry.  The director, which back then worked at the World Health Organization, was sent to Cd. Juarez to establish processes regarding the hygiene management in food, where he decided to establish a company dedicated to supply cafeteria services to maquilas.  At the beginning he was associated with a North American company, but when seeing the incompatibility of Mexican and American food, bought his part from the other partner, settling in the city as a company 100 % Mexican.


The strength of the company is proven by its customers’ portfolio: nine customers and in total 22 cafeterias.  Every day, its personnel serve food to 17 thousand diners in different cafeterias of the city.  It is worth mentioning that InterAmerica is one company committed and punctual in its tax payments.


On the other hand, quality of the company is evident with its multiply certifications of Distinctive H, which is a recognition granted by the Ministries of Tourism and Health aimed to decrease the incidence of diseases transmitted by food in fixed food and beverage establishments.


Worried about diners’ health, InterAmerica offers its customers the possibility of receiving this certification from the Ministries of Health and Tourism without cost.  InterAmerica grans as guarantee of Quality and Hygiene on its processes the Distinction H in benefit of its customers.


It is important to mention that up to now InterAmerica has 60 Distinctions H.  In 2018 they will obtain the fifteenth distinction for a special customer, Foxconn Las Torres, which implies that this company has worked with InterAmerica for fifteen years.


Meanwhile, Roberto C. Arreola Gonzalez, training coordinator, considers that the relation with its customers is good.  “We promote win-win relations.  Our motto is ‘providing excellence on every opportunity,” he shared.


“These distinctions suppose a great effort.  Offering food to large amounts of people implies great responsibility that can cause intoxications and death.  That is why we assure offering not only good tasting food, but also safe,” said Nohemi Prado, sales manager of the company.


“The director of the company has always transferred the idea of being a socially responsible company and helps our community, thus we try to transfer this to our personnel and demonstrate it to our customers.  Prove of that is the Distinctive H,” Prado ended.