The Automation and Advanced Manufacturing Cluster had its Directive Board renewal general assembly at the facilities of Hotel Lucerna, aiming to ratify its director and president, in addition to present the results of annual activities.

At the event were present the new Directive Board, integrated by martin Marquez, Diana Parada, Alfredo Villagrana, Francio Javier Yanez, Luis Rojas, Eusebio Ramirez and Juan Francisco Ponce.

Martin Marques, president of the cluster, thanked being ratified as president for third and last consecutive year.  Luis Villavicencio was in charge of the cluster direction.

Likely, the cluster president described as positive the cluster’s results, within which highlight business meetings and participation on other industrial events.

“Even then, there are many things to improve yet.  There are changes with Government that can be seen as obstacles, but we can manage them as challenges and opportunities,” he said.

The cluster served finance issues regarding the payment of IMMEX companies.  “Some SMEs finance big corporates.  We have reviewed that hoping to changes are done regarding public policies or new finance schemes that can be adapted to serve our customers’ needs,” he explained.

Another aspect in which they also worked was the development of their companies through ISO 9000 certifications, management systems and what their customers require.

“The project for this year is for all our companies be in ISO 9000 and adopt a digital management system to handle their processes, he added.

Within future plans, he underlined that they would like to reinforce ties with academic institutions such as UACJ, UTCK and ITCJ.  In addition, they want to expand ties with companies in the city of Chihuahua, in addition of increase the amount of members.

Finally, Martin Marquez shared that in his last year as president will be a challenge and qualified as a career sprint.  “We will try to make new things, different and the experience achieved during the first two years.  We have a wider vision.  We will try being disruptive which will probably sound unreasonable, but today we have the opportunity of innovating,” he ended.