Apex is a machining shop that started operations three years ago, in 2015.  However, Raymundo Castro, director of the company, has 25 years of experience as manufacturing engineer; therefore this Juarez maquila supplier is settled within the industrial market of the city and continues to grow.

Among the services offered by Apex are dies, metallic structures and forge for the maquila industry.  They also provide advisory about the use of tools, according to the industry’s needs.

The shop has 800 m2: 350 m2 for the machining area and the remaining ones for metallic structures and forge.

Raymundo Castro considers that one of the characteristics that differentiate them is the experience.  In the welding area they have personnel with more than 20 years in the sector, in prototypes that have a designer with more than 15 years and in dies, with personnel that have more than 25 years of experience.  “I worked many years as engineer in a maquila, and I had a lack of experienced people.  People with large workshops and good equipment did not give me the service I needed “provide ideas and proposals.” For example: instead of selling only products, they will give me an overview of products for me to, as customer, be able to choose the best option regarding costs.  This means, that they see for the customer’s interest,” Castro explained.

Regarding exportations they have to fulfill virtual petitions and proof of origin, as some of their products are used to assembly those being done by the maquilas.

Currently, the company is working to achieve the ISO certification and its own quality systems.  With the help of an external person, they prepare documentation and procedures to be audited in a near future in order to obtain such certification.

Apex has the interest of making the local economy grow.  Currently, 60 % of the supplies are acquired from locals; however, they seek that all supplies are local and national, since currently they acquire products from Queretaro, Chihuahua and Monterrey. 

As specialized equipment are manufactured in the shop, the studies of the employees are important for Apex; nevertheless, what the interests the most to the company is experience.

Despite the company is seeking to be established in the city, their plan is to expand towards other parts of the country, such as Queretaro, Guadalajara and Monterrey, with the objective of make Ciudad Juarez known.

Raymundo Castro considers that, although he is interested in the company adopting social responsibility measures, the best example starts by him.  An example is the care offered to their employees.  “For example, if they do not have a car, we reach an agreement, they are lent to acquire one,” he explained.

Two of the values and principles that rule the company are work ethics and excellence.  “I always tell my employees that they have to do things so right that tomorrow when they go somewhere, wherever they stand, stand being different than anyone else.  If you are a welder, do not be just one of the bunch.  My intention and what I am shaping on them is to standout,” Castro ended.