Mercury Marine placed the first stone of what will be their new production plant, which will be located in the Industrial Park Bermudez, next to the facilities of such company.

Such expansion will have an additional construction of 7,153.53 m2 to have a total of 56,6811 m2 in the entire industrial building.  The project observes a total investment of a little more than 230 million pesos and will begin operations in September 2019.

By the end of the expansion, Mercury Marine will have a growth of about 33 %, generating 300 more jobs.

Planning for this expansion began by mid-2018, since the need of a larger space was detected quickly by the directives of the company.

This even coincides with the 40 anniversary of the plant in the city and the 80 anniversary of the corporate worldwide.

It important to underline that Mercury is a global company compete with brands such as Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Volvo.  In addition, it is the only company in the area that belongs to the maritime industry from engines to yachts manufacturing, which contributes to the strengthening and competitiveness of our maquila industry.

According to Betzy Reyes, communication and marketing leader of the company, this investment reinforces the confidence the American corporate has had throughout four decades in the city and the quality of its workforce.

In exclusive interview for Mexico Industry, Stephen Marsch, director of company facilities, what this expansion means to the company is that it shows the history of the company, which has its origin on its employees.

“This plant and the work done here is fundamental for the products we made and for our success as world company,” she shared.