From the companies dedicated to the manufacture of biomedical products in Ciudad Juarez, RexMed is one of the few Mexicans.  32 years after its opening, Cintia Castellanos, new projects coordinator, and Gabriela Bustillo, human resources manager, consider that the company has grown a lot, particularly since 2017.

With an 80 square feet plant of infrastructure, the company’s activity is the manufacturing of fluids retention bags, sleeves for surgeries, infusion pumps, catheter packaging, and medical products for ophthalmic surgery, among others.

The company decided to settle in Ciudad Juarez due to the industrial book it had few years ago.  Although they consider that the boom is no longer the same, the company is in a privileged position.

Castellanos as well as Bustillo mention that an added value of the company is the quality they use to manufacture the products for their customers.  Particularly, one characteristic that according to both directives outstands is that all the products they manufacture are made from start to finish inside their plant.

As their activity requires great care and specialization, the technology they have at the plant is of the highest quality.  “We have experts, doctors in industrial matters and laboratories, which help the manufacturing of what we do here,” said Castellanos.

In addition the company has owned patents of products fulfilled within their facilities.

One noticeable characteristic of the company is that in the past two years it has grown a 250 % on their number of workers.  “Until two years ago we were 350, now we are about 800,” Bustillo explained.

As it is a growing company, RexMed, has being planning the opening of a new plant in Ciudad Juarez for a year, of the same activity with an extension of 91 thousand square feet.

All RexMed products are exported.  Among the countries that buy their products are the United States, Australia and South Africa.  Currently, they have the Standard 241 that allows them sell in Mexico.  At the same time, they seek selling to the rest of Latin America.

In addition to this standard, the company has other certifications and recognitions: the Standard 13485:2016, FDA and C-TPAT.

As it is a company located in Ciudad Juarez, most of its employees are Mexican.  About the workforce, Bustillo said it is of the best.  “Qualified workers are the ones being trained to do their job better,” Bustillo noted.

Precisely, having quality as an objective, RexMed seeks to invest in training their workers from all levels.  “Since the beginning, our employees are trained in equipment care, lean manufacturing, 5 S’s, among others.  Administrative employees receive training depending on their areas.  They are even trained in the United States,” explained Bustillo.

In addition of training, the human resources manager considered that the company is human and provides its employees a dignified treatment.  “They are not only workforce; they are people.  We have schools – from elementary school to high school – inside the plant for whoever wants to study.  We support employees to continue studying.  One of our workers, for example, just graduated from pedagogy, a career that has nothing to do with our sector,” she shared.

Finally, both consider that the company has a great commitment and social responsibility.  “For second consecutive year, we have the distinction Socially Responsible Company, granted in the Social Latin American Summit.  We obtained the 51st place of 564 companies,” Castellanos ended.


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RexMed (R&D)

Start of operations: 1990

Number of workers: 800

Origin: Mexico

Sector: Medical

Products: fluid retention bags, surgery sleeves, infusion pumps, catheter packaging, medical products for ophthalmic surgery.