This new facility was born as a need to expand the production volume to satisfy the products’ demand Donaldson currently has.


The third plant of Aguascalientes will have a production capability of almost 20 million filters Donaldson per year classified in hydraulic and lubricants-combustibles, with that they will expand their filters manufacture capability for liquids nationally and in Latin America.


“In 1984 Donaldson decided to establish in Aguascalientes, with a production of no more than 10,000 units per year, today after 24 years adding the capabilities we have, we are ready to surpass the annual production of more than 36 million pieces a year, which will be distributed globally,” said Guillermo Briseno, vice-president of Donaldson in Latin America.


With an investment of about 26 million dollars and a total surface of 39,000 square meters, from which 16,500 will be addressed to manufacture; the American company will seek registering a growth in sales of approximately 20 percent in the first year.


“The society with the State and the confidence it has provided us, have helped Donaldson to continue and that it has grown 500 million dollars in the last 24 months,” said Tod Carpenter, Chairman, president and CEO of Donaldson Company.


With this expansion the company also will be growing its workforce; this new plant will generate about 145 direct jobs, which join more than 1,300 jobs that Donaldson generates in Mexico.


“We will not only solve a need to increase our production capability, but we confirm our confidence in Aguascalientes people, the region and the industry; since they are the ones that have allowed us, with their work, be successful in Latin America as well as in the rest of the world,” said Guillermo Briseno.


At the opening event gathered Martin Orozco Sandoval, governor of the State, who together with Tod Carpenter and Guillermo Briseno cut the ribbon and unveiled the plaque of the Plant III Donaldson.


The State official said that in 2017, Aguascalientes hit the record of foreign direct investment capturing, with 1,132 million dollars and on the first semester of 2018, reached a figure of 746 million dollars.


“Last year the entity received the highest capital investment from the United States in the last 20 years, with about 240 million dollars.  Donaldson has contributed to the growth in the State with the installation of advanced production lines in technology and innovation worldwide, this is a proof that Aguascalientes is ready to start the transition from manufacture to higher value jobs linked to Avant-grade technology,” said Martin Orozco Sandoval.


The American company employs more than 13,000 people around the world, from which more than 1,300 belong to the three plants installed in Aguascalientes.  It produces Air Filters Donaldson for diesel combustion engines, hydraulic filters, oil filters, fuel filters, bulk filtration solutions, air filters for industrial applications and accessories.  Its main customers are CFE, PEMEX, John Deere, Bobcat, Nissan, Case New Holland, Daimler-Chrysler, Flextronics, Coca Cola, General Electric, General Motors, Hino, IBM, Kenworth, Paccar Motors, Merck, VW, Seagate, Volvo, among others.




Continuing with the quality and continuous improvement, the production plant will have the certification of the IATF quality management system, same that will allow providing the guarantee support for its customers on its products.


The facilities have the highest manufacturing technology in filtration solutions, will have the capability of manufacturing more than 18 million filters per year, with them they will face the current supply challenges the company is facing as result of the introduction of the brand in Latin American markets.


Plant production process: the raw material is carefully selected to be later treated in the different extrusion, welding and shaping processes to build the external and internal structures of the filtering elements.  The filtering media, which is a specific design of Donaldson Filters, is carefully treated and pleated to build the filter, assuring a perfect seal for the higher performance of its products.  Receive a paint finish, serigraphy and packaging that allows it to be shipped to anywhere in the world.




In 1984, as result of the global strategy of Donaldson, the company settled their presence in Latin America by establishing the first air and liquids filters manufacturing in the city of Aguascalientes.

In 2006, they started operations in the entity at the Distribution Center for Latin America, and in 2007 was the official launching of the first exports from Mexico to countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina.


For 2012, as result of the company’s growth, they decided to expand the capability of the Distribution Center for Latin America at double, what allows shipping 1,000 maritime containers today in one year and 26,000 products pallets for the distribution in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.  Adding up about 7.8 million pieces in filtration solutions.


That same year was held the expansion of the new facilities of the air filters plant, as well as the Latin America corporate offices, in the northern part of Aguascalientes, providing added value and excellent service to customers, guaranteed through the sustained growth and continuous improvement in coverage and attention.




Donaldson Latin America is part of Donaldson Company, which corporate is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA.)  Leader supplier of filtration systems and spare pieces.  Founded in 1915, Donaldson is a company encouraged by technology, committed to satisfy the customer needs for filtration solutions through research and innovative development.  Donaldson serves customers in the industrial market and of engines for dust collection, electric power generation, specialized filtration, compressed air purification, all terrain equipment, industrial compressors, heavy trucks and lightweight vehicles.