In our daily life as well as in the Industry we have been living progresses that have taken us to improve not only the final product we manufacture and offer, also the processes to get to it.  Now we are entering to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 or Industry 4.0, our main challenge is like being part of this movement and get into one of the train wagons of this Revolution so we are not left behind.


As background, in the first Industrial Revolution was given the invention of the machines, particularly of steam, later in the second Industrial Revolution go into scale production and electricity development, in the third one the automation, the invention of the computer and internet.  Now this Fourth Revolution, according to the writer Klaus Schwab, characterizes by the connection of global platforms in an intimate manner to the physical world, being this profitable and disruptive.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution has as particularity: the internet of things, big data and data analysis, cloud computing, augmented reality, robotics, among other elements; which have supported that we do not have changes, but that we constantly live on them, due to the quickness in which these have been created and incorporated.  Just look back to compare and realize the time electricity took to be fundamental part of our society and now the mobile phone, particularly smart phones.


Knowing this, which is the main challenge as a country to incorporate us to the new Industrial Revolution?


In Mexico, like in other developing countries, we are facing the dilemma of incursion to this Industrial Revolution 4.0, since the competitive workforce we have has a low cost and in certain areas it has been substituting technological improvements in companies by the cost benefit they represent.


The advantage of low cost qualified workforce is temporary and, each company must investigate and know the technological advances on its sector in order to apply them in the feasible scale according to its size and needs, but it is imperative to start and remain in innovation and development, continuously reinventing ourselves with a long term plan that generate benefits for all collaborators and shareholders on each company.