With an investment of more than 10 million dollars, the American company AGCO, dedicated to the manufacture of agriculture equipment, opened its plant in the municipality of Corregidora with the objective of substituting the factory they have had for more than 20 years in the city and thus expand its operations in Mexico and the rest of Latin America.


“Opening a new plant as the one we are opening today in Mexico is a success.  Mexico has been very good for AGCO and that means a good society, a good team that only will improve with the future,” said Robert B. Crain, vice-president of AGCO Corporation Americas.


Likewise, the vice-president said that they are very pleased in offering a complete line for each product and application, in which can be counted from 600 horsepower to smaller equipment, for example, for the dairy industry, corn production, among many others.  He also underlined that the market in Mexico has increased up to 30 %; therefore they have a production capability of up to 4 thousand tractors per year.


This new plant will not only represent the company´s growth but also for a significant generation of jobs with the creation of 1000 direct jobs and more than 500 indirect ones.


Meanwhile, AGCO CEO, Martin H. Richenhagen, detailed their presence worldwide and what our country’s market represents for the company.  “We are present everywhere in the world with more than 50 factories globally and we are producing everything the farmer needs.  We believe that we are in the correct business and also believe that Mexico will have a very important role in the future of the business.”


While, the general director of operation in Mexico, Ricardo Maggio, said that locally, the company is working together with the public and private sector to serve the agricultural sector.


“AGCO helps increasing the professionalization of the distributors network and collaborates with the farmers on their training in the use of technology and knowledge of better practices that allow them increasing agricultural productivity, contributing to the expectations of the development of the Mexican field; we specifically offer the widest range of agricultural equipment and grain storage systems,  lines, credit for farmers, with the most competitive rates in the market,” said the director of operations in Mexico.


In this sense through AGCO Finance, the company has achieved to finance more than 3,105 agricultural equipment with an interest rate with an average of 9.9 % in the last three years.


It is important to notice that the company has five trademarks: Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra and GSI.  As well as a complex network of 23 distributers and 103 sales points.  Regarding this plant in Queretaro, will be addressed to the assembly of different models of forage equipment, sowers, threshers and tractors from 16 hp to 370 hp.