Aiming to make land use and cadastral permits management and business licenses requests more efficient and transparent, Guadalajara City Hall created an Internet Portal for urban development management.

Saul Eduardo Jimenez Camacho, director of innovation at Guadalajara City Hall, told us about the webpage and how it emerged.

“Visor Urbano is an urban development management platform, was born as a Project here in Guadalajara, at the moment it coincided with the call from a foundation named Bloomberg Philanthropies which through a mayors’ challenge, more than 300 Latin American cities participated, from which, Guadalajara was one of the five wining cities being granted with an economic prize of one million dollars, with that we were able to potentiate the development of this platform,” said the creator.

“Visor Urbano is a proposal to fight corruption within urban development, Guadalajara has experienced an messy constructions growth; Visor idea is to fight these kind of practices by showing all existing information available regarding the city’s urban development; and that also, through this platform rules are reestablished which come by law or regulations, and if someone wants to do something on a property, they cannot do so, as they previously could.”

Jimenez Camacho specified that regarding the request of licenses for industrial buildings in Guadalajara they can be done online.

“In March we released all that activity licenses through Visor Urbano, from small activities as grocery stores, haberdashery, stationers, even industrial buildings; at this moment commerce licenses can be managed through Visor Urbano, to those licenses that even have the restricted activity subject, with all internal judgments City Hall has to do, Civil Protection reviews and more, they are managed through Visor Urbano,” he explained.

For larger permits such as industrial parks construction they anticipate having the linkage ready by the end of 2019.

“And regarding high impact projects construction, departments and offices towers, we are even working on industrial parks subject and we are planning to manage them on Visor Urbano by the end of this year,” he said.
Visor Urbano recently signed agreements for using the platform with Zapopan, Veracruz and San Pedro Garza Garcia (Nuevo Leon,) this last one is more advanced with their portal