As part of technological evolution and demand, the state of Jalisco puts itself ahead by investing in three pillars: Manufacturing, Businesses and Training.

Within manufacturing and the arrival of Industry 4.0, important investments have been made with positive results for the area, involving several industrial sectors such as energy, software technology, metal-mechanic, automotive and of food.

Regarding software, Marcela Revilla, general director of CCEE (Consultoria y Capacitacion en Estudios Estrategicos,) said that the road for Jalisco companies to continue updated in new technologies is practical training and knowledge applied to industry in different slopes: Predictive analytics, IoT, Learning Machine and business processes integration platform; and this is seen as an investment where benefits in a short, medium and long term are imminent.

“Quickness in technologies generation obligates companies to enter in this dynamism through digital skills development of their most valuable assets which are their collaborators, together with leadership, knowledge, discipline and innovation, make up the region’s competitive advantage,” said Revilla.

A strategic planning is required aligned to the context Mexico-Jalisco Region, which due to its geographical location in the automotive technological corridor encourages industrial development at great speed producing the economic spillover effect needed by the country.

Finally, Marcela Revilla, SAP businesses software expert, emphasized the objective is to continue promoting economy through knowledge, and in particularly in the Bajio region, technological knowledge.