In the Banks of Chapala Luis Alonso Aguirre Lang was born, one of the business leaders in the country, who historically was the first president of the National Council of the Maquila and Manufacturing Export Industry (Index) in repeat as two administrative periods (2018 – 2019) (2019 – 2020.)

Aguirre Lang assumes proudly Sanmina’s -color-s, which he has had for more than 22 years, where he has gone through different positions, until being vice-president of Sanmina Mexico.

“For me Sanmina represents by first home, it has been a continuity of family shaping an mainly because it has allowed me personally and professionally a great growth, many projects we have imagined together with the work team have been captured and make us confident to carried out and implement it, I cannot mention Luis Aguirre without Sanmina,” said Luis Aguirre for Mexico Industry.

He started in Sanmina in 1997 as administrative assistant, afterwards worked as traffic and customs manager, confidence in the company positioned as corporate manager for Latin America of Logistics and Foreign Trade, later he took the Direction of Logistics and Foreign Trade of Sanmina Mexico, as well as the Direction of Logistics & Repair Services and currently he is vice-president of Sanmina Mexico and director of Logistics and Government Affairs.

“I continue to be vice-president of Sanmina Mexico for 12 plants we have in the country, in which obviously I continue to have the entire responsibility of intergovernmental affairs, the Public Relations part of the organization, in addition of what I studied and my academic formation which has been in the logistics area, foreign trade and customs, although I have a very strong team of many years which we have been able to integrate and that are self-directed by so many years we have had as a team and that allows me to take the presidency of National Council of the Index as of January 2018 to December 2020,” he said.

Luis Alonso, has always been a man of values inculcated since childhood by his parents, these virtues and ethics he passes to his work team and to the National Council of the Maquila and Manufacturing Export Industry Index.

“Respect, honesty, teamwork and also respect for the environment, for the sustainability part,” he said.

Name: Luis Alonso Aguirre Lang
Age: 45 years old
Master’s degree in International Business Administration at ITESO
Company: Sanmina
Date of entrance: July 1997
Initial position: Administrative Encler
Current position: Vice-president of Sanmina Mexico