Baxter company dedicated to the pharmaceutical Industry opened its Center for the Delivery of Global Services in Information Technologies, in the pursuit of supporting the firm’s world operations, through the design, development and application of IT solutions.


“We are the first global function of systems that comes to Mexico, with an approach of mainly serving the American Continent.  We serve internally all the Baxter systems use for its daily functioning,” said Ricardo Valdes, general manager for the Center in Mexico.


Offices located at a business center in Zapopan, meant an investment of 70 million pesos on a first stage, in which they start with 60 workers.  From here the support for the ERP system of the company will be worked, as well as in functions of cybersecurity and applications development, among other functions that infer directly on areas such as human resources, manufacture, finance, quality control and legal.


The multinational is mainly oriented to hospital care and clinics, it is present worldwide and at least 70 years of operation in Mexico, through distribution channels and of their three manufacturing plants located in Morelos, Baja California and Estado de Mexico.


“Most of the product we generate and part of our mission of saving and sustain lives revolves around treating people with critical kidney situations,” Valdes explained.


A center similar to this one has been operating for three years in India; between both offices attention is provided to the information technology needs of the American company.


A second stage will obey the organic growth of the Center, to expand its offices area aimed to turning the daily work in an optimum environment and suitable physical facilities.  The manager stated that for 2019 it is estimated to reach 200 workers at the Center for the Delivery of Global Services in Information Technologies of Baxter in Mexico.




“The decision of locating the Center in Zapopan is supported by the high availability of talent and human resources specialized in Jalisco, the possibility of using more competitive costs and the geographic location that allow us serving the area of America more efficiently,” said Paul E. Martin, Senior vice-president and CIO of Baxter, during the opening of the Center.


Ricardo Valdes agreed, who added that the Jalisco society dynamic, in addition of the university network of the region, promotes high technical capability of the workers, who also have the pronounced facility for languages.