With more than 10 years of experience, Premium Systems is a Guanajuato company specialized in the development of information systems for medium and large companies.


It is part of a solid business group that is constantly growing and serves a wide variety of customers, among which are automotive agencies such as Chevrolet del Parque, Toyota del Bajío and Ford SS; Financial institutions such as GSA Leasing, Financial Bailout and Central Leasing, plus various turnaround companies such as hotel and gas stations, among others.


"Leveraging the experience of partners in different systems areas in large corporations, we unite to form a supplier entity of the clients that we already had and establish ourselves as an independent company," Luis Enrique Lara, partner of Premium Systems, Announced.


During these years, Premium Systems has understood that the way to satisfy the needs of the industry, mainly in the administrative and operative part, is to have systems preconfigured according to the turn and the profile of the companies.


"We care about knowing the business of our customers to find the areas in which we can automate tasks and for control or efficiencies we get a high impact on processes, increasing employee productivity."


He explained that what they do in Premium Systems is to provide companies with a system that already fulfills the basic operations according to the verticality of the assisted business, which reduces implementation times and costs, a situation not always achieved with systems Bought abroad.


"We already know the market, we know the fiscal, accounting and financial regulations of Mexico and we can offer an administrative and accounting solution that solves the needs of the medium and large industry."


The specialization of the Premium Systems products constitutes their competitive advantage, since they add value to the companies that reinforce the management of their business. The products and services they offer can be contracted in licensing or rental schemes, according to your needs. Even systems can operate on company computers (On-Premise) or as a managed service on Proprietary Premium Systems (Software as a Service) equipment.


Among the systems developed are ADMIN System, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that allows an efficient control and consolidation of large groups of companies. This system is being used in manufacturing companies, gas stations, hotels and large corporations. It also has a multi-currency system to manage credit operations with pure leasing and financial leasing and a DMS (Dealer Management System) specialized in the operation of automotive agencies.



Company Name: Premium Systems

Number of employees: 46

Start of operations: 2013

Capital: Mexican

Product: Information systems